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I AM Zeus!!! May 7, 2007

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Which God or Goddess are you like?

Your Result: God Zeus



You are Zeus. You are fierce and stong, and you like to throw lightning bolts at people who deserve it. You are fearless when it comes to fear, and harmless to nothing. You have the guts to take on anything and never look back. Congratulations!! You are God!!

Goddess Sekhemet






You are your own God or Goddess






Goddess Bast



The Christian God






Which God or Goddess are you like?
Make Your Own Quiz

Meanwhile, that wimp Myers only wishes he was more like me (cackles omnipotently).

I’m rather disappointed that my Zeus score is so low. I could throw lightning bolts and impregnate lovely mortal women! Give me a chance!

Pathetic, wimpy, jealous would-be god!!!!



1. Dana - May 7, 2007

I’m Buddha. Help. Does that mean I don’t know right from wrong? Or that I’m fat? That wouldn’t have been insulting three weeks ago, but post-delivery it is.

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