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Bavasi tries to say that Weaver is injured. . . May 11, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

so, the 0-6, 14.32 ERA and $8.325 million baby for the Ms goes on the shelf for 15 days, the club now claiming that a bad shoulder has led to Weaver’s pathetic showing in the 07 campaign.

I think that the BigLead has a better lead on what is going on here:

Here’s why the Mariners haven’t been good since Ken Griffey peaced out, and it’s why Ichiro shouldn’t/won’t stick around: the front office blows. It signed Jeff Weaver in the offseason for $8.25 million, and he is now 0-6 with an ERA of 14.32. It appears the M’s are just going to cut him loose. The M’s should give $4 million a year to Billy Beane so he can come in and sign the right guys.

We’ll see if the Ms jettison Weaver. It’ll make Bavasi look even worse than he already does.

That said, I always felt that this signing just flat out smelled. To steal and twist a quote from Joe Garagiola, it’s like we traded a Cadillac (Gil Meche, 3-1. 2.15 ERA for an otherwise useless Royal club [AND he gets paid less than Weaver does this year, $7.4 million) for a wheelbarrow.



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