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As if there wasn’t enough proof that the Left is Totally Unhinged. . . May 12, 2007

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. . .this moron goes on to make an extended paean on the mythical merits of that most pissy of pissy beers, Budweiser.  Among his claims to superiority?

Budweiser has been around for at least as long as your “traditional” British ales, most of which also date back to the Victorian period.

There’s a convincing argument.  Bud’s age.  Heck, piss has been around for as long as mankind, if not longer.  What does this prove?

Budweiser has rice in it.

So what?

Budweiser does not taste like piss. Normal urine has a pH of 4.6 to 8.0. Budweiser, like most lagers, has a pH of around 4.0. Therefore, Budweiser is definitely more acidic than piss.

Um, so?  Still tastes like it.  Looks like it too.

Budweiser is not for poofs.

Well, rednecks drink it, true.   This is not an endorsement for a higher level palate, by any means.

No, bollocks to your “microbreweries”. These so-called “craft brewers” are a newfangled modern invention and have very little to do with the traditions of the brewing industry.

Utter horsefeathers.  Budweiser is the ne plus ultra of the corporate brewery, while beer got its initial start in basement microbreweries like the Bavarian Weihanstepan in the 1500s.

He then ends the essay with this threat:

Coming next: Mick Hucknall is an excellent songwriter and Simply Red stand up very well as one of the best soul bands of the last thirty years.

My god.  The unhinged left.

This is a real beer. 

So’s this:

And this:



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