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Falwell, the Left and the use of the word Hypocrisy May 16, 2007

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Make no mistake, Jerry Falwell was a flawed man, as are we all. He took the enthusiasms of his faith to unpleasant and incorrect depths; most notoriously when he suggested that the 9-11 attacks were essentially a manifestation of the Wrath of God. As an apologetics instructor, I find the ignorance of that comment breathtaking. Nevertheless, though I cannot agree with Falwell on a number of his takes on religion, he was sincere in his way and assisted in re-working the political landscape of this country in a radical fashion.

Typically, this is how one honors the memory of the recently deceased. By no means do you paint everything rosy; honestly evaluate their flaws while simulataneously extolling their virtues.

But for the brutes on the Left, there is nothing but glee and vituperation at the passing of Jerry Falwell. Most disturbing is this video in which Christopher Hitchens spends almost five minutes on Anderson Cooper utterly and completely demeaning Falwell, deriding him as an “absolute charlatan”. Now how Hitchens can know for certain that Falwell has been perpetrating a fraud on his followers all these years is either an act of telepathic brilliance or knee-jerk hatred. Care to guess which option William of Occam would choose?

And of course, PZ Myers weighs in on Hitchens:

Man, what a beautiful burn.


Myers is a big fan of the notion that atheism can lend itself to the creation of moral impulse as well, if not better, than Christianity. Yet his actions, as well as those of fellow atheist Hitchens and the anti-Falwell ralliers in the Castro District, when people like Falwell pass away suggests that such morals do not in fact come about from atheism. More fundamental and brutish behaviors such as gloating and vengeance assert themselves, and there is no recourse to a higher level of behavior. No call or appeal can be made to charity, forgiveness or kindness. And Myers, Hitchens, DU, Kos and the rest provide ample evidence of this.

What a sad commentary.



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