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Wiped. . . May 18, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Idiots, Personal.

. . .exhausted, burnt out.

Rough tally of events:

Thursday:  5:30, roll out of bed.

6:00 Hit road for Spokane.

9:30:  Arrive Spokane, watch kids in music competition.  COrrect papers during few dull moments.

1:00:  Hit road for home, at very high speed.

3:15:  Arrive 15 minutes late to conduct job interview.

4:30.  Fall onto bed for 15 minute nap.

4:45: Pile kids into car, pick up dinner, back to work to help set up and  judge “talent show”, requiring me to be on stage and ad-libbing for almost 3 straight hours.

9:30 PM.  Arrive home, fall into coma.


5:30: Roll out of bed.

6:30: Arrive at work, find three solid hours of backed-up work waiting for me.

9:30-2:00: Teach classes, pretty much non-stop.

3:30:  Must leave work, and bike at top speed to an arts show that I am “volunteering” my time at to run the sound.

Oh yes, and that show:  We open TONIGHT, having NEVER RUN A TECH REHEARSAL YET.  This is a combination earthquake, tornado and train wreck scheduled to happen all at once.  And the women running it -one in particular- are utter shrikes.  I am in this only because my wife -whom these shrikes have been treating little better than a much-loathed indentured servant- begged me to help her out.

The students today wonder why I have bloodshot eyes and why I’m not smiling at ANYONE.

I can handle single 16 hour days on occasion.  Two in a row, especially with one that has the shite associated with it like today, tends to render me a wee bit cranky.  There is a limit to the amount of stress and grouchy disregard for my wife and I that I can take, and I am pushing right up against it just now.



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