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Hmmm. Student wins essay contest. . . May 20, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Creepiness, Education, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal self-loathing, Pharyngulism.

. . .that caters to one of PZ’s greatest hobby horses; physicians that choose to not believe in evolution therefore make bad doctors.

The student then goes onto his blog to crow and thank his benefactors (one of whom is none other than PZ, whattacoincidence).

But here’s the part that creeped me out:

Ok, I know this post is getting kinda long, so I’ll cap up by saying, I love you all! Oh yeah, and there’s also my teacher to thank, Ms. Chung (who I then spent a week with in Costa Rica, which was a very good break from this). She helped revise and polish the essay, which I think made a huge difference.

Mm hm. Am I the only one who is troubled by a student spending a week in Costa Rica with his teacher to “modify an essay”?

Watch out, PZ, or else you might find yourself getting tarred with that same brush you so love to wield against Catholics.

Here’s the essay itself.  Interesting to note that it is nothing more than an opinion piece, and one that upholds the notion that if you dare go against Scared (sic, on purpose) Scripture in Science, be it AGW or Evolution, you too can be branded a heretic.  No citations, just a ranting of the standard Party Line.

Yep.  That’s modern science.  How comforting.



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