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Mariners’ Quarter report card May 21, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

At 40 games, the M’s are two games under .500, 19-21. They did a valiant job in keeping up the pace with their ace, Felix Hernandez, down with an arm ailment.

Line-up: A. Kenji Johjima. He’s hitting .310, numerous clutch hits and RBIs. Excellent pay-off for the former #7 hitter.

Bs: Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Lopez. The inside of the infield is doing a fine job at the plate, hitting .269 and .256 respectively. Betancourt also is shwoing some flashes of power. If he can keep the Ks down, will have a good year.

Ichiro: Hitting “only” .329.

Jose Vidro: .309. Much, much better than I was anticipating.


Adrian Beltre. Hitting .248, and has never delivered on his NL promise. reminds me if Kevin Mitchell. A “C” may be generous.

Jose Guillen: .273. not lighting the park on fire.

D-: Richie Sexson. A swing that takes over 15 seconds to finish. Hitting .172. His only saving grace is that he is on pace for 100 RBIs. Great. And hitting below the Mendoza line. Has cost us numerous ballgames already.

Overall line-up deserves a C-. Not providing the runs when necessary.

Pitching: Starters: Solid C+, mainly due to their holding things up while Hernandez was down. Now that King Felix is back, they appear to be letting down. But Baek, Ramirez and Batista still look very suspect, and I fear this grade will drop over time. Washburn can be effective; he needs to be stellar.

Hernandez himself. B. Unstoppable before his injury. Since his return, 0-1 and an increasing ERA.

Special citation: Jeff Weaver. F. Both he and Bill Bavasi need to be taken to the glue factory and rendered down to their component parts; Weaver should hang his head in shame for daring to accept this contract, and Bavasi would flunk the Wonderlic if this signing were any criteria of native intelligence.

Bullpen: B+. Promising. JJ Putz as the closer is automatic. George Sherrill, Eric o’Flaherty, Jason Davis and Sean White are all solid in relief. Brandon Morrow is potentially a break-out given his youth.

Overall: C+. Better than expected, but can and must go farther then they have. Cannot afford an extended losing streak.



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