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More apologetic niftiness June 1, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Apologetics.

via Mark Shea, once again.

Money quote:

The hubris of the scientific skeptic is that he imagines his particular field of interest is the source and summit of wisdom when, in comparison to the matters discussed by Scripture, it is a small hobby–legitimate in its way and certainly important in its proper sphere–but ultimately not the Final Question. God is pleased with science well done as he is pleased with all human things well done. God enlightens the scientific intellect as he enlightens many other forms of intellectual pursuit. But the notion that if God does not answer our trivia questions about the composition of the earth’s mantle or the age of the universe to our satisfaction, then he is failing some test–that’s just silly.

I’m telling you, the man is gold.  Over and over I have said to these materialist reductionists that their’s is a decidedly arid cosmology, where truth is found only in what we can directly sense and then test scientifically.



1. David N. Scott - June 16, 2007

I don’t understand it either. Atheists feel free to moralize and talk about right and wrong with great authority (Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris type atheists, I mean) but then I don’t understand what meaning those things have in their cosmology.

‘Sure, maybe YOU’D go off on a murder spree if you stopped believing in God. But it doesn’t mean I would! My morality evolved, which means it somehow helped the species and is thus good in some abstract sense of the word!’

I don’t know if that really answers the question, though. Not really.

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