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Cavs/Pistons summed up in one picture UPDATED June 2, 2007

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This one:

Note: LeBron for Cleveland is driving to the hoop. For the Pistons, Chauncey Billups (#1) in the background is out of position, Rasheed Wallace (36) is flat on his feet, making no challenge to James’ drive. The look on his face suggests “Ain’t no way I’m getting up there and challenging this brute, only to get myself smacked to the floor.” Meanwhile, Tayshaun Prince (22), an otherwise indomitable defender, appears to be reaching for his wallet. One problem; Prince’s wallet cannot be in his uniform. Perhaps Prince was anticipating the need for quick cab fare out of Cleveland once James gets done mopping the floor with the Pistons.

James, in the end, terrified the Pistons. Corporately, the team was probably suffering terrible flashbacks to the early ’90s, as Jordan and the Bulls completed their ascension to the Eastern throne, knocking Detroit out of it.

Maybe this is proof that Jung was right: There are archetypes; and in this case the archetype is one of a Monstrous Eastern NBA Juggernaut, designed specifically to reduce Detroit Piston ballclubs to pools of quivering jelly for years on end. Jordan was the first incarnation of this archetype; LeBron James may well be the second.

UPDATE:  Nods to Rick Moran for linking to this post.  It forced me to take another look at this picture, and I realized and was quite shocked to discover that this shot was taken at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  In other words, LeBron owned the Pistons in their own house, and here is the evidence to prove it.



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