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Frickin’ Simmons does it AGAIN!!!!! June 7, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Humor, Sports.

The man is convulsive.

Money quote (there are many. read the whole thing):

And that’s why I’m excited for the Finals: Not only do we get LeBron playing in his first Finals, not only do we get an all-star flop-off between Ginobili and Anderson Varejao, not only do we get the biggest coaching mismatch since Norman Dale dismantled the coach from South Bend Central, not only do we get extended details of the Longoria-Parker wedding and LeBron’s girlfriend’s pregnancy, not only do we get Drew Gooden’s vertebeard and David Wesley doling out chest bumps in a five-button suit … but we get the Spurs quietly submitting their audition tape for the “Best Playoff Team of the Decade” discussion.

He picks the Spurs in 5 over BronBron and the Cavs. Much as I loved seeing James dismantle Detroit and have his coming out party, the Cavs are overmatched. I was having trouble with all the CleveLove I’ve been reading (see the BigLead for an example), as I felt that LeBron, awesome as he is, is facing way too much talent in the Spurs, coupled with the fact that Greg Popovich as a coach appears to know what he is doing. Nice to see Simmons put some sanity in the Webospheric Punch Bowl.



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