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Myers once again proves that a steady diet of bullsh!t won’t kill him July 30, 2007

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He eats crap all day long and calls it filet mignon.

I’ve seen a lot of referrals from Myers’ banned list.  I am a member of that list.  I take no pride in it, nor is there any shame.  There are some places that it is good to be banned from, like the Playboy Club.  Pharyngula is like that.

But the brute gets it wrong again:

It isn’t quite so easy to get banned at Pharyngula,

Like hell.  All you have to do is consistently go against the Party Line.  His comboxes are utterly suffused with fawning sycophants who echo every word he says.  If anyone dares challenge the Entrenched Idiocy long enough. . .well, you get sh!tcanned.

Bummer, I guess.  But I see that his foolishness has changed neither in substance or in tempo.


Mark III Updated July 24, 2007

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Before I delve still further into the twisted, upside-down idiocy that is our culture as illustrated by the Michael Vick Fever Swamp, let’s be clear on a few things:

  1. The man has been indicted for dogfighting.
  2. Dogfighting is a cruel, vicious bloodsport and people that participate in it are simple thugs who deserve ostracism from our society.
  3. If Vick is guilty, I have no problem at all with the idea of him serving jail time, being booted from the NFL, and generally put in public stocks and pelted with rotten vegetables.

OK? We clear? I am not endorsing dogfighting.

What I am saying is that there is a vast gulf in justice here, when we see how Vick is being treated for dogfighting while a few years ago Kobe Bryant -by comparison- got a free pass while he was on trial for rape charges in Colorado.

Let’s do some comparisons, shall we?

  • Vick is being expected to sit out the season.
  • Bryant was allowed to play; in fact, on numerous occasions, he would have a court appearance during the day, then would fly to an NBA city that night to participate in a Laker game


  • Falcon headquarters is being besieged by PETA marchers.
  • Laker headquarters made no report of picketing by NOW members.


WORST of all,

  • Vick is now being compared to OJ Simpson:

Even if Vick finds a way to make puppies fly by joining the five percent of those who ever have beaten the feds, he’d become the Falcons’ O.J. Simpson in the eyes of thousands or millions — an African-American with lots of money who had the audacity to get away with something.

  • While I find comparisons with OJ much more fitting in Bryant’s case, no such commentary was ever made that I am aware of.

So, dogfighting is comparable to the brutal knife-murder of one’s wife, but not as bad as rape.

I’ll say it again:




Is wrong with our culture????

The apparent code of criminal conduct for athletes rates as follows, ranked from mildest infraction to worst:

  • Rape
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Use of steroids
  • Betting on ballgames
  • Dogfighting
  • Murder of spouse

I think murder is placed correctly. But otherwise this list looks like it was put together by a badly confused five year old. Yet, in practical treatment of America’s athletes (our de facto royalty), that’s the line-up.

New Zealand, anyone?

UPDATEDon Banks has it nailed.  The NFL and the Falcons are in damage control because the public is in an uproar over this.

And it should be.

But it should ALSO have been in an uproar over Bryant, and abortion, and a host of more immediate idiocies.

But instead, we focus on the poor little doggies.

Blabbering, Sanctimonious hypocrisy, Mark II July 23, 2007

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Peter King of cnnsi.com is sounding off, and the idiocy continues:

I know the Falcons are deeply worried about the circus that training camp would be if Vick were on the field. There is concern over security at the 50-acre training-camp site and training complex in Flowery Branch, 40 minutes north of Atlanta. Would metal detectors be needed? Would critical signs be allowed? If Vick were scheduled to take the field on Friday, it’s conceivable the Falcons would have to spend thousands — and work nearly round the clock before then — to ensure the security and safety of players and fans at camp, and to make sure the team could do its job in some sort of productive and harmonious way. “The work would get done, but I can’t imagine getting booed at your own training camp,” one longtime Falcon told me Saturday. “I guess you’d get used to it, but I don’t know.”

I am sure that the Falcons  have every right to be worried in this bass-ackwards, PZ Myers-inspired idiot culture we live in.  Arthur Blank is going to have to penalize Vick for a) making Blank look like an idiot, and b) putting the Falcons in an untenable position.

That said, check this again:

 the Falcons would have to spend thousands — and work nearly round the clock before then — to ensure the security and safety of players and fans at camp, and to make sure the team could do its job in some sort of productive and harmonious way.

In the name of heaven, what in our culture has rendered this over dogfights when helpless children are murdered every day????  When women are abused, objectified and raped by these very same players. . .yet no one, not even Amanda Marcotte and NOW, march at training camps over this issue.

Sanctimonious, blithering hypocrisy.  Almost all of it.

“In light of the seriousness of the charges, I believe that Mr. Vick should be suspended from the league, effective immediately.”
— Former Democratic presidential nominee and current Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, in a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I have one thing to say about this idiot sounding off:





Then there’s this:

“I am confident that the hottest places in hell are reserved for the souls of sick and brutal people who hold God’s creatures in such cruel and brutal contempt.”
— West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, on those who participate in dogfighting and raise dogs for dogfighting.

God help us all.   THIS idiot deserves not only,





But also deserves a fine does of:




This clown used to belong to the KKK.  He held up Congress for days on end so that the Civil Rights Bill would not get passed back in the ’60s.  He is four-square, as a good Demobat, in favor of abortion.  And he has the gall to say this?  About dogfighting?

Give me a break.

Micheal Vick and the mind-bending hypocrisy of accusation UPDATED July 18, 2007

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(Scroll down for updates)

For those of you unaware, Micheal Vick, the electrifying QB for the Atlanta Falcons has been indicted in federal court for crimes related to dogfighting. ESPN and others are up in arms over this; the usual talking heads are claiming the man is guilty before the trial has even started.

I’m not going to weigh in on the likely guilt or innocence of Vick. I will state that I find dogfighting, like any other blood sport -including boxing and UFC- to be in the end degrading and appeals to the lowest common denominator of human vicarious entertainment. It renders people down to animals. If the Feds have their facts in order, then someone was surely acting like an animal in the case Vick is implicated in.

That said, this is nothing compared to say, rape, or abortion, or even sexual harassment, not to mention the more conventional felonies like hit and run, manslaughter, assault and felony theft. Sorry, but dogfighting pales in comparison to all these violations. If Vick isn’t guilty, should he be punished any worse than say, Kobe Bryant, who was accused and ultimately acquitted of rape charges a few years ago? (I will go on record as believing that Bryant intimidated his victim into silence, thereby rendering a criminal conviction impossible to obtain when his victim refused to testify in open court. Not that any of that matters. . .) I would say not. Dogfighting ain’t rape.

Wayne Drehs asks the same question:

The last high-profile American athlete to go through the public ringer like this was Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who faced accusations of sexual assault from a Colorado woman in 2003. The criminal case against Bryant was dropped after the accuser decided not to testify, and the civil case was later settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. But in the aftermath, Bryant lost national endorsement contracts with McDonald’s and Nutella.


Four years later, Bryant has yet to return to his one-time perch atop the sports marketing world, although his image has improved dramatically since 2003.

Vick’s situation, sports business experts universally seem to believe, is more precarious than Bryant’s ever was.


“In a perverse sort of way, we’re almost more outraged as a society by dogfighting than we are sexual assault,” said Fred Schreyer . . .”We somehow question the details of what went on in a sexual assault case, while there is very little of that going on here. It’s more difficult to defend this sort of charge. And in that way, it could be much more damaging.”

God, what Schreyer says here is so depressing. Bryant is a fool, a selfish little brat who also happens to be a thug when it comes to the treatment of women. Vick may well be an insensitive idiot when it comes to the treatment of animals, but that does not render him to the level of beast that Bryant is. Yet our twisted society is more willing to forgive Bryant than it is Vick.

In other words, it’s less OK to abuse dogs than it is to rape women.

That’s just FUBAR.

I suspect even the foaming Amanda Marcotte would agree with me on this one.


Drehs also has a really rich level of liberal hypocrisy listed in his article:

On Wednesday morning, (Nike), along with Falcons CEO Arthur Blank and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, received a joint letter from hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton and PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk, condemning Vick’s alleged involvement in the dogfighting ring and asking all parties involved to distance themselves from Vick.

God help us all. I expect this sort of stuff from Newkirk. PETA simply must respond in their classic, knee-jerk fashion. But for Russell Simmons and, Lord and saints preserve us all, Al (Tawana Brawley? Who dat?) Sharpton to suggest that Vick is somehow unclean. . .well, that there is a PRIMO sample of liberal hypocrisy Gone Wild. It is all the more sadly ironic that those two thugs are turning on a fellow brother.

I’m not going to say much more about the Vick episode. But it is a damned sorry commentary on our culture that such profound and unrelenting idiocy is becoming so clear in the wake of this sorry situation.

UPDATE:The march of babbling, sanctimonious idiocy continues.

When Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis was asked about dogfighting this spring, he said: “It can’t be too bad of a crime.”

Portis later conceded that his comments were insensitive, but Goodwin said it “shows the mentality that some people have.”

“Even guys like LaDainian Tomlinson, who’s opposed to dogfighting, when he was a young man he went to dogfights,” Goodwin said. “It’s out there.

“I hope that really what this does is send a message that deters people from being involved in this in the first place. I hope that the people involved are investigated and caught and sentenced,” he said.

I have nothing against the idea of prosecuting and sentencing these people who engage in such barbaric behavior, and pro athletes need to know that such behavior is unacceptable.

But Clinton Portis is correct. This is not much of a crime, not when stacked up against rape. And the entire tenor of this hunt continues to be one where Vick is the ultimate villain.

No he isn’t. Thugs like Kobe Bryant and Mike Tyson are the ultimate villains. Purveyors of abortion are the ultimate villains. Ted Bundy is an ultimate villain.

C’mon peoples. Get some perspective, already.

UPDATE II: Don Banks at cnnsi.com has a long, sanctimonious harangue about how Falcon owner Arthur Blank should sit Vick until the wheels of justice grind to a conclusion.

Banks, the statute claims that we are innocent until proven guilty. Are you prepared to vilify Jerry Buss for allowing Bryant to continue playing after he had been indicted and put on trial for rape? If not, then cut Vick some slack.

Mariners’ Semester Report Card July 8, 2007

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(1st Quarter report card here).

At the All-Star Break, the Mariners after 85 games are 49-36. Amazingly, despite falling flat on their faces against the Pirates and Kansas City earlier in June (and against those two, that was a prime time for them to make up ground), they are only 2.5 games behind the Angels in the AL West, and 1.5 games behind Cleveland for the wild card spot.

Before issuing positional reports, comment must be made on the resignation of Mike Hargrove. There has been widespread speculation about why the man quit; pressure from the front office, friction with Ichiro, problems with his contract. Frankly, reasons need to start and end with what the man said; while that in itself is also problematic, if you factor in the smiling face of his wife when he quit, I think we can rest easy knowing that the man was sick of managing, even if the M’s were the hottest team in baseball. It does throw a serious wrench into predicting future Mariner success. I mean, this sort of stuff only happens once every century; a skipper quitting a red-hot ballclub. How will Seattle react? Still too soon to tell. McLaren is 4-3 going into the break, but that can hardly be a measure of prediction for future events.


A: Ichiro. The man is a machine at the plate, and more than holding his own in center.

Bs: Johjima. Adrian Beltre is finally doing fairly well, .276/13/42. Jose Lopez holds his own in the field and has contributed greatly at the plate as well.

Cs: Guillen, Ibanez (dropping WAY OFF from last year) and Vidro. Betancourt has dropped off as well.

D. Sexson. Batting .206, for God’s sake. . .


JJ Putz: A. The man is an automatic in the saves department.

B’s: Felix Hernandez iced the A’s in his last start and may be finally coming around. Washburn is a solid starter.  The rest of the bullpen deserves this grade as well.

C’s: Batista, and much as I have to admit it, Jeff Weaver. The man has a 1.67 ERA in six starts since coming back from a one month absence. Maybe the guy can pitch after all, even if he does look like a serious drug addict in his team picture.

Overall, B+ This team is proclaimed to be overachieving, but with the starting pitching apparently settling down, the bullpen and line-up solid, there is a real chance that they can compete for a post-season slot. The wild-card in all of this is how the team shakes off Grover’s sudden and rather wild departure and how they respond to McLaren as something more than a bench coach. The final challenge is the fact that the M’s face a savage and brutal road schedule in the 2nd half.

More Clinton hypocrisy July 4, 2007

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I know I haven’t written much lately.  I’ve been doing other things. . .like building a treehouse for my kids and biking all over the region.  It’s been refreshing to avoid the Idiot Left.  Haven’t even looked at Myers in over a month, and it’s done wonders for my sanity.

Then Bush commuted Libby’s sentence.  This is NOT the same as a pardon.  Libby is still a convicted felon, he is disbarred and branded.  But Bush’s right to commute sentences is CLEARLY outlined in his executive powers.  Nevertheless, MoonBat John Conyers is going to convene hearings on this abuse of privilege.

Good luck with that.

I was going to comment that what Bush has done is little to no different than what Governor Swilly did right before he left office in 2001.  But, I thought it best not to comment, let the blog continue to simmer over the summer.

But then Swilly put his foot in his mouth.  Time to tear the covers off.

Former President Bill Clinton blasted his successor’s decision to spare former White House aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby from prison. . .

Mm hm.  Here we have a list of the pardons he gave on January 20, 2001.  131 pardons, not commutations.  So, Clinton can wipe out the criminal convictions of 131 of his cronies, but Bush simply eliminates the jail sentence for one of his own, and he is then branded a swine by Governor Bill.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Clinton.