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Micheal Vick and the mind-bending hypocrisy of accusation UPDATED July 18, 2007

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For those of you unaware, Micheal Vick, the electrifying QB for the Atlanta Falcons has been indicted in federal court for crimes related to dogfighting. ESPN and others are up in arms over this; the usual talking heads are claiming the man is guilty before the trial has even started.

I’m not going to weigh in on the likely guilt or innocence of Vick. I will state that I find dogfighting, like any other blood sport -including boxing and UFC- to be in the end degrading and appeals to the lowest common denominator of human vicarious entertainment. It renders people down to animals. If the Feds have their facts in order, then someone was surely acting like an animal in the case Vick is implicated in.

That said, this is nothing compared to say, rape, or abortion, or even sexual harassment, not to mention the more conventional felonies like hit and run, manslaughter, assault and felony theft. Sorry, but dogfighting pales in comparison to all these violations. If Vick isn’t guilty, should he be punished any worse than say, Kobe Bryant, who was accused and ultimately acquitted of rape charges a few years ago? (I will go on record as believing that Bryant intimidated his victim into silence, thereby rendering a criminal conviction impossible to obtain when his victim refused to testify in open court. Not that any of that matters. . .) I would say not. Dogfighting ain’t rape.

Wayne Drehs asks the same question:

The last high-profile American athlete to go through the public ringer like this was Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who faced accusations of sexual assault from a Colorado woman in 2003. The criminal case against Bryant was dropped after the accuser decided not to testify, and the civil case was later settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. But in the aftermath, Bryant lost national endorsement contracts with McDonald’s and Nutella.


Four years later, Bryant has yet to return to his one-time perch atop the sports marketing world, although his image has improved dramatically since 2003.

Vick’s situation, sports business experts universally seem to believe, is more precarious than Bryant’s ever was.


“In a perverse sort of way, we’re almost more outraged as a society by dogfighting than we are sexual assault,” said Fred Schreyer . . .”We somehow question the details of what went on in a sexual assault case, while there is very little of that going on here. It’s more difficult to defend this sort of charge. And in that way, it could be much more damaging.”

God, what Schreyer says here is so depressing. Bryant is a fool, a selfish little brat who also happens to be a thug when it comes to the treatment of women. Vick may well be an insensitive idiot when it comes to the treatment of animals, but that does not render him to the level of beast that Bryant is. Yet our twisted society is more willing to forgive Bryant than it is Vick.

In other words, it’s less OK to abuse dogs than it is to rape women.

That’s just FUBAR.

I suspect even the foaming Amanda Marcotte would agree with me on this one.


Drehs also has a really rich level of liberal hypocrisy listed in his article:

On Wednesday morning, (Nike), along with Falcons CEO Arthur Blank and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, received a joint letter from hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton and PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk, condemning Vick’s alleged involvement in the dogfighting ring and asking all parties involved to distance themselves from Vick.

God help us all. I expect this sort of stuff from Newkirk. PETA simply must respond in their classic, knee-jerk fashion. But for Russell Simmons and, Lord and saints preserve us all, Al (Tawana Brawley? Who dat?) Sharpton to suggest that Vick is somehow unclean. . .well, that there is a PRIMO sample of liberal hypocrisy Gone Wild. It is all the more sadly ironic that those two thugs are turning on a fellow brother.

I’m not going to say much more about the Vick episode. But it is a damned sorry commentary on our culture that such profound and unrelenting idiocy is becoming so clear in the wake of this sorry situation.

UPDATE:The march of babbling, sanctimonious idiocy continues.

When Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis was asked about dogfighting this spring, he said: “It can’t be too bad of a crime.”

Portis later conceded that his comments were insensitive, but Goodwin said it “shows the mentality that some people have.”

“Even guys like LaDainian Tomlinson, who’s opposed to dogfighting, when he was a young man he went to dogfights,” Goodwin said. “It’s out there.

“I hope that really what this does is send a message that deters people from being involved in this in the first place. I hope that the people involved are investigated and caught and sentenced,” he said.

I have nothing against the idea of prosecuting and sentencing these people who engage in such barbaric behavior, and pro athletes need to know that such behavior is unacceptable.

But Clinton Portis is correct. This is not much of a crime, not when stacked up against rape. And the entire tenor of this hunt continues to be one where Vick is the ultimate villain.

No he isn’t. Thugs like Kobe Bryant and Mike Tyson are the ultimate villains. Purveyors of abortion are the ultimate villains. Ted Bundy is an ultimate villain.

C’mon peoples. Get some perspective, already.

UPDATE II: Don Banks at cnnsi.com has a long, sanctimonious harangue about how Falcon owner Arthur Blank should sit Vick until the wheels of justice grind to a conclusion.

Banks, the statute claims that we are innocent until proven guilty. Are you prepared to vilify Jerry Buss for allowing Bryant to continue playing after he had been indicted and put on trial for rape? If not, then cut Vick some slack.



1. James stewart - July 29, 2007

America, please. This is clearly the normal racisim that black people have to deal with on a day to day basis. I’ m looking at the news reporters and the way the try to deny what lies beneath the underside of America. And i don’t mean a dog fighting ring, but the fact that we have missing and explotided children, women and men that we are hardly; as intense about. As i look at the coverage of the media this year and from day to day, the media covers the stories the get the ratings. And i really don’t have much of a problem with that but it does tell a lot about how the people of this great nation; in regrads to it’s power and wealth; really feel about what really matters in the every day life; of what is a predominently white country. The whole fact, in my oppinon is that the media knows that they could taint the image of someone which; could possiblly cause the courts to sway the decision to their desire and we don’t even know all of the facts. So i ask the question what nationality are the majority of the people that have; seeminglly;convicted a man who has not even been tried before a judge or jury and the answer may give some insight on the real issue at hand and the real reason why people are so reved up over some dog fighting accusations. And if the man is guilty give him his punishment and let it be. But as we all know this is not the first dog fight and it will not be the last. And really all i’m saying is that as much crime and coruption that goes on in america dog fighting would be the last thing or should be the last thing that causes this much hype. But people always see that in america the ones with the most money tend to get the most levy, when it comes to the court system. but that in my oppinion is just the way it seems. I think that thoes with the greatest finances have acces to the best tools to fight agianst the justice system and get all the facts weighed properly, but thats just my oppnion.

2. Raoul Duke - August 1, 2007

Why do you feel the need to compare Vick to Tyson, Kobe or Bundy to minimize er I mean put Vick’s actions into “perpective?” Are you his mother, his manager? Are you into bullfighting or cockfighting? You come off as some elitist judge determining from on high who or what living thing is noteworthy, and to what degree, of our compassion and of our indignation when mistreated. Forget comparing Vick to other heinous criminals. The point is if he’s guilty he IS A HEINOUS CRIMIMINAL. Torturing any living thing is reprehensible even if your “highly refined intellect” suggests you’re way more important in this incomprehensible universe than some “dumb” animal. Somehow your role in the grand scheme of things must be more significant. I’m not as arrogantly sure as you are of that one my friend. Perhaps the mere mystery of existence and the fact that all things will eventually face their death levels the playing field more than you might imagine.

3. demolition65 - August 1, 2007

Never said that he wasn’t a criminal if guilty. I have said elsewhere that if he is guilty, he should do prison time and never play football again. But you’ve done NOTHING to suggest that my point is incorrect save to say that you disagree.

If so, then it seems to me that you consider the lives of dogs as more meaningful than the dignity of women. That’s FUBAR, my “friend.”

4. Dan - August 16, 2007

I think Vick is guilty and I would like to be put in a cage with him. Then I would let him see what is was like to be tortured! He will probally pull an OJ and get away with it. So, I think someone needs to teach him a lesson. My dog would like a peice of him also.

5. demolition65 - August 17, 2007

Looks as though he is going to at least minimally admit guilt; since his compatriots have all folded, the story goes that he is seeking a plea agreement, in hopes of saving his career, if not preventing prison time. That apparently seems likely.

6. jonathan naff - August 17, 2007

one word,garbage,human garbage,is Mr vick.

7. demolition65 - August 17, 2007

Grrrr,. . . .fine. Will you use the same label for Mr. Bryant as well?

8. lori dye - August 25, 2007

micheal vick i will pray for you because thats what god wants me to do . BUT how could you ! These are Gods creatures .What are you teaching kids and people that look up to you. DO you have kids I hope not . God gave you a gift to play football and you used it to your advantage for crimal action do the crime stand up and say you did ! ask god to for give you and get on with it dont use your pasted as for a reason.Be a man now you sound like the pups you killed .they dont havr anyone speaking up for them ,but people of the world are . Sometimes God has to remind us where he takes us out of . you had it all and now youll live like the rest of the world The work you could of done for Gods people and His creatures ! I feel sorry for the animals you destroied the kids that looked up to you God help PLEASE CHANGE YOR WAYS> WE LOVE YOU Your truly a PITBULL OWNER IN ST JOSEPH MO .

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