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Myers once again proves that a steady diet of bullsh!t won’t kill him July 30, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal self-loathing, Pharyngulism.

He eats crap all day long and calls it filet mignon.

I’ve seen a lot of referrals from Myers’ banned list.  I am a member of that list.  I take no pride in it, nor is there any shame.  There are some places that it is good to be banned from, like the Playboy Club.  Pharyngula is like that.

But the brute gets it wrong again:

It isn’t quite so easy to get banned at Pharyngula,

Like hell.  All you have to do is consistently go against the Party Line.  His comboxes are utterly suffused with fawning sycophants who echo every word he says.  If anyone dares challenge the Entrenched Idiocy long enough. . .well, you get sh!tcanned.

Bummer, I guess.  But I see that his foolishness has changed neither in substance or in tempo.



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