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Myers has feet of clay after all. . . August 3, 2007

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. . .seems there has been a fellow over there by the name of David who has similar objections to the endless sycophantism (is that a workable noun?) at Pharyngula. He has been labeled “Troll” of course and banned, cursed, ridiculed, all the usual treatment from those fundies.

(There was one response to David’s commentary I found useful. Something to the effect of, “Why do you insist on fishing in waters that you KNOW are not going to yield much of anything other than aggravation?” Quite.)

But then PZ posted David’s work e-mail, publicly.

You need to read the comment strand at this thread.

Hmm… apparently there are some loose ends.

1. Thanks for posting my e-mail PZ. I appreciate that.

2. Stephen, if you want, be my guest. As I’m not a creationist, and I am not an ID’er, what science do you think I need to learn?

Posted by: David | August 3, 2007 08:21 PM

In “thanking” PZ, David is being more than a little ironic.

It seems that PZ has since removed the e-mail, though he has not apologized for his little act of techno-terrorism. (When has he ever apologized for anything?). To their credit, most of his Raving Sycophantic Horde chastised him and demanded that he remove the offending e-mail. So, props to them in showing that they actually can think for themselves.

As for Myers himself? This only further illustrates how fundamentally unpleasant he is in practice. As this quote from another post shows:

the Republican convention is in Minneapolis next summer. This disaster is not going to be corrected by then. Can we all remember to rub their noses in the debris when they come around?

That’s right, PZ. Use this terrible tragedy of a bridge collapse to score some political points.






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