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In which analysis from a distance yields some interesting conclusions August 28, 2007

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OK. This could get sensitive. I ask any readers out there to bear with me and be patient.

I stumbled across a post today where a female blogger mentioned -somewhat en passant- that she had been sexually assaulted in the past.

It took me a week to admit I’d been sexually assaulted after I was, and I was lucky to have friends at the time use words like “molested” and “rape” to put my head on straight. I think sometimes I have something about me that just attracts bullies, since I’ve been fending them off in one form or another my whole life. At 20 years old, I was still holding out the vague hope that since high school was over, I had reached a free-and-clear-from-bullies point in my life. Making it harder was the very many times that I had personally witnessed when this guy had a chance to assault other women and hadn’t, making me think he was alright. But I apparently attract bullies. I didn’t want to admit that I had been a victim, because I felt sometimes like I had a target on my back.

Now, not a whole heckuvalot of info is provided about what happened and why. And you know what? I don’t think that the woman has to provide it. She claims she was assaulted? Fine. I’ll accept the claim prima facie. While I do know that false claims occur on occasion, it is also my firm belief that there are far more cases of unreported assaults than there are false reports. I base this belief on the fact that I am a member of Clan Male, and that a great number of my brethren frankly suck at treating women with proper dignity and respect when it comes to their wishes regarding sexuality. I’ve seen the wreckage that was left over of a good friend of mine from college who had been serially abused as a teenager, and my own wife has to struggle with issues stemming from instances of men treating her as an object while in her teens and early twenties.

So, the woman above deserves at least to have her claim considered as valid. That said, the twit who did this to her deserves time in lock-up; his treatment of her is inexcusable and actionable.

That said, here’s the link.

Yes. That same Amanda Marcotte, she of the fulminating, pathological feminism, is a victim of sexual abuse.

Do we now have an explanation for her foaming rants and irrational screeds? I would say we do.

And I roundly condemn the asshole who abused Ms. Marcotte even further, for putting an otherwise intelligent young woman so far around the bend that she now sees masculine conspiracies under every rock, and transformed her otherwise useful pen into an implement of destructive poison.

I have little doubt that Marcotte would absolutely blast me as an ignorant wingnut for daring to suggest that the roots of her malign feminazism are anything other than simon-pure, but the realities of psychopathology suggest otherwise. We are creatures of our genetics and our environment; and here it seems that Ms. Marcotte has been shaped in a painful and unpleasant way by an unloving environment. Her rage against her attacker is used to attack ALL men, thereby doing her -and men- as well as her sycophantic followers a grave disservice.

The asshole is at fault for twisting Amanda in such a way, and Amanda herself is also at fault for calling the twistedness a form of health, and stubbornly sticking with that.



1. jan - August 30, 2007

A lot of people I think fail to grasp that there is a big difference between being a target and being a victim. If you’re a target, that’s out of your control, someone else chooses that for you. Being a victim however, is a state of mind, and you do have control (albeit with great difficulty at times) over that.

I’m very sorry that that had to happen to her in any case, no one deserves that.

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