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Where Jan Bussey helps me to get that troll picture farther into the ether September 7, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Humor, Smart People.

Never fails. I post a picture mocking PZ, and the damned thing ends up parking EXACTLY where I want to look at my blogroll for the links. Of course, if I’d WRITE something, I could push that picture down aways, but I’m too damned tired/overworked/distracted to actually WRITE something, so I end up putting up some type of pretty picture I’ve found somewhere else.

Jan Bussey is a photographer from the bucolic Northwest. She sometimes comments on this little site. She shoots pictures, too. Really excellent ones. I don’t.

Awfully nice, aren’t they? Check out her site, right there on my blogroll, “Cascade Exposures.”

And thank her for helping me push the troll back down to where he wishes to be.



1. jan - September 8, 2007

Always happy to be of help! 🙂

Glad you like that set, I thought they turned out fairly good, I’m pleased with the new tripod. My blog will be on autopilot next week as I’m off on a road trip. I should come back with *lots* of new pictures!


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