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The Irish are screwed. . . September 15, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

. . .in just about every way imaginable. They absorbed their ferocious pounding at the hands of a cupcake Michigan team today. 0-3. That’s bad enough. But look at this:

Rushing yards: -4

Total yards: 79

Yards given up: 379

No offensive touchdowns scored now in 14 quarters, stemming back to last year.

And the upcoming schedule. $hit oh dear:

Michigan State (current record, 4-0)

at Purdue (3-0)

at UCLA (2-1). This might look hopeful, as the Bruins just got killed today by a tottering Utah team in Salt Lake City. But, this game is in LA, and it’s very unlikely that UCLA will overlook the Irish, no matter how sad they are coming in to this game. Notre Dame is not Utah.

Boston College (3-0), and stomping everyone.

USC (2-0). Just drilled Nebraska today in Lincoln. Firing on all cylinders again. I loathe the Trojans, and nothing would make me happier than an Irish victory. But it ain’t happening.

Navy (1-2). Here is the chance for Charlie and Co. to go 1-8. But keep in mind that the Middies rolled up 585 yards total offense today (OK, it was against Ball State), but still. Notre Dame at this point hasn’t proven it could stop the Powder Puff Girl’s team from my high school, much less Navy.

Air Force (3-0), and feeling uppity. The Falcons are NOT the Midshipmen. Can you say 1-9?

Here’s the worst part. ND signed Charlie Weis to a 3000 year contract (OK, it was 10) to keep him from bolting to the NFL two years ago. That’s millions of dollars they’ll have to eat to jettison Mr. Weis. Can they do that?

Is this the era where Touchdown Jesus finally puts down His arms?



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