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Wyo 29, UNLV 24 October 27, 2007

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Held on the ball. . sort of.

A win is a win is a win.


More Darwin Awards October 25, 2007

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Dude, just go to prison, spend the night in the cell, and sober up.  You’re too stupid to be out on the street.

No title October 22, 2007

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sup cat

It speaks for itself.

AFA 20, Wyoming 12 October 20, 2007

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Grrr. Wyo outgains the Falcons 404-330.

But FIVE TURNOVERS makes it real easy for the service academy to win in Colorado Springs.

DANGIT all. Joe Glenn, stop coating the balls with Crisco!!!!!

Nobel Committee joins the ranks of the absurd, engages in unconscious irony. . .UPDATED October 15, 2007

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. . .by recognizing their equally absurd and unconsciously ironic confreres in idiocy, the UN, along with the Amazing Bloviator, the Goracle Himeself, Al Gore, as the co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Utterly ridiculous. The Nobel Peace Prize has now achieved the same level of legitimacy as the MTV Movie Awards and the award for Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel.

The irony comes about as this award is given on the same day as a British judge demands that guide notes be provided to Brit schoolchildren who are compelled to watch Gore’s exercise in propaganda, An Inconvenient Truth. Seems the thing is so full of fallacy and exaggeration, the British courts have to order that the kids be told the film is spurious nonsense.

Of course, the mainstream press paints that headline different. MSNBC paraphrases: “British Judge OKs Gore’s film for schools.”

Mendacity from the press, irony in history, and cluelessness and absurdity from the Nobel committee.

Yep. A fine world we live in.

UPDATE:  You must, –MUST, I SAY!!!!!- click this link from the Iowahawk that spoofs both Gore’s award, the idiocy of the Nobel committee, and the horrors of mass market mailing all in one fell swoop (and I do mean fell, as in the old meaning of evilly menacing and destructive).  It is hilarious.

Levels of Bibliophilia October 14, 2007

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Heh. No surprise, I guess.

Mondays. . . October 8, 2007

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. . .so I am walking this morning, balancing my iPod on a pile of clothes to be loaded into my backpack this AM, and naturally, JUST as I am at the stair banister, the iPod -along with the not-even-two-week-old, top-of-the-line headphones-slips off the pile, towards the banister, and over the edge, down 12 feet to crash onto the wood floor.

Headphones rendered toast.

I LOATHE Mondays.

ND 20, UCLA 6 October 7, 2007

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So the Irish are off the schneid, and Charlie Weis says the team practiced really well this week.


They should be 0-6.  UCLA outgained the Irish 2-1 (282-140), but fortunately for the Domers, UCLA also coated their footballs with lithium grease, coughing up the ball an absurd seven times, while ND TCOB and held on to their own ball all day long.

This is still ugly.  ND didn’t win this game so much as UCLA barfed all over itself and lost the game.

Stanford 24, University of Spoiled Children 23 October 6, 2007

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Turnovers, baby.  4-1 in favor of Stanford, despite being outgained 458-235.  Here I said the USC would lose, either to Oregon or Cal.  Never envisioned Stanford. . .

I LOVE it!!!!!

Wyoming 24, TCU 21 October 6, 2007

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The Pokes endured a furious Horned Frog comeback in the fourth quarter to win the 300th game played in Laramie’s War Memorial Stadium (elev: 7220 feet).  Most important, the Cowboys limited themselves to two turnovers.  Nice to see Coach Joe Glenn finally putting some Stick-um on his players’ hands.

Wyoming is now1-0 in MWC play, 4-1 overall.

Not bad, Pokes.  Keep it up!!