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Nobel Committee joins the ranks of the absurd, engages in unconscious irony. . .UPDATED October 15, 2007

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. . .by recognizing their equally absurd and unconsciously ironic confreres in idiocy, the UN, along with the Amazing Bloviator, the Goracle Himeself, Al Gore, as the co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Utterly ridiculous. The Nobel Peace Prize has now achieved the same level of legitimacy as the MTV Movie Awards and the award for Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel.

The irony comes about as this award is given on the same day as a British judge demands that guide notes be provided to Brit schoolchildren who are compelled to watch Gore’s exercise in propaganda, An Inconvenient Truth. Seems the thing is so full of fallacy and exaggeration, the British courts have to order that the kids be told the film is spurious nonsense.

Of course, the mainstream press paints that headline different. MSNBC paraphrases: “British Judge OKs Gore’s film for schools.”

Mendacity from the press, irony in history, and cluelessness and absurdity from the Nobel committee.

Yep. A fine world we live in.

UPDATE:  You must, –MUST, I SAY!!!!!- click this link from the Iowahawk that spoofs both Gore’s award, the idiocy of the Nobel committee, and the horrors of mass market mailing all in one fell swoop (and I do mean fell, as in the old meaning of evilly menacing and destructive).  It is hilarious.



1. jan - October 20, 2007

There is also this delicious bit of satire:

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