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Herodias, Herod Antipas and John the Baptist all visit the University of Washington January 10, 2008

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Where to begin?

First, perhaps, read this article.  Then come back here.

First, I suppose there is the modern day Herodias, the quasi-incestuous slattern from the Gospels who called for the head of John the Baptist.  In this modern telling,  Herodias is played by the former pocket dictator three-term mayor of Everett, Ed Hanson.  The hapless Baptist is UW football coach Tyrone Willingham.  Hanson is threatening to take his money from UW home if UW President Herod Antipas Mark Emmert doesn’t fire both Willingham and AD Todd Turner yesterday.  Seems that since Willingham hasn’t immediately restored the Husky football program to its previously levels of glory that were found under Don James (who quit in 1992, 16 years ago, let us recall), Hanson is threatening to withhold $100K of law school scholarship money.  (Am I the only one who finds rather delicious irony in the fact that Hanson has earmarked his blood money for the Law school, aka: Shark Kindergarten?).

Hanson is a typical modern elite noble-wannabe: “Money buys everything” is his functional motto.


Then of course, having found out that he is engaging in a time-honored ritual found on most playgrounds and back-alley bully pads -wielding the Big Stick so he can get his way-, the public recoils in disgust.  Herod Antipas claims that such a demand is, of course, “grossly inappropriate.”


Hanson then proceeds to talk out of both sides of his mouth, stating that he never expected the e-mail with his blood-money bribe to become public.  This is weasel-speak that roughly translates to; “Dammit.  I got caught.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  Be damned grateful that this isn’t 300 years ago, or I’d simply have everyone who has knowledge of this e-mail killed.”

He then talks out the other side, claiming that he had every right to make such a demand, and that anyone can make a “charitable donation.”

Get over yourself, Hanson.  This isn’t a “contribution.”  It is bribery at its best, extortion at its plausible worst.  You’re a swine and Emmert should tell you to go get yourself stuffed.

THAT’S just dealing with Hanson.  Then there is the pit of vice that college football has become, where greed and back-alley dealing have become the norm.  The sad part is that Hanson’s behavior would probably be regarded by most serious CFA boosters as typical, if not outright desired (see boosterism in Texas for more example than you would care to stomach).   There is the odd schizophrenia of the University of Washington itself, where years of mediocrity were finally supplanted by the general excellence of the Don James era, and the Husky athletic department, in occasional lock-step with the higher administration, has been chasing it ever since.  Whether such a chase is healthy for the school in general is open to debate.  I generally think not.  (See Rick Telander’s Hundred Yard Lie for a devastating take-out on the pit of snakes big-time college football has become.  That book is 12 years old, but if anything it has become even worse since Telander vented his spleen).

And so much for all of that.



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