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Amanda for once grasps obvious, then instantly travels back to her normal state, LaLaLand. January 15, 2008

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The woman is incredible.

She cites from the NYTimes that notes veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are returning from the war struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some of them are getting violent with loved ones here at home, mistaking home troubles for serious troubles on the front and getting violent.

This is of course tragic and not at all new. PTSD has in some form or other been recognized in veterans from at least WWII, if not WWI, and no foreign conflict has been free of victims of this disorder. Couple this with the pathetic state of care provided by the VA nowadays, and you have the makings of a sad state of affairs.

But it is not new, and so long as there are many humans on this earth, there will be sin, war, fighting, death, fear and PTSD.

Now I am sure that the NYTimes will spin this issue on its head. Here is Amanda’s psychotic take on it:

There’s not much to say to this.

Now if, for once in her addled, feverish life, stop there, all would be well and good. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this.

But no, she has to go on.


I just recommend reading the entire article. It’s pathetic how this country managed to completely forget the long-term, widespread devastation war brings back home, and now that we’re deep in this shit, it’s too late for take-backs.

Honey, we have NEVER faced this issue well. All we do is fight, and once the fight is over, we try to get on with our lives. It is not right, OK, but it is how we deal with things.

At this point, it is still not to late for her to retrieve some sense of rationality, if she again, would simply SHUT THE HELL UP.

Asking too much.

And we’ll probably forget it again next time someone’s rattling the saber and everyone’s waving flags and right wingers are starting blogs, sure that this war is going to be the one that makes them forget the anxiety that’s plagued them ever since they made the mistake of dropping their pants and pulling out their rulers.

And there we have it once again, ladies and gentlemen. The patriarchy is -again- the architect of all evil.

The woman is deranged.



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