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Turns out, I actually agree with Christopher Hitchens on many things. . . January 15, 2008

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. . .sans religion, of course.  The man is an incoherent blowhard on that topic.  But Ed Luce of FT.com had lunch with Hitchens recently, and the Brit Blowhard vented his spleen on a number of topics, many of which I was surprised to learn that I share:

On Bill Clinton:

. . .unfortunately for me this crest and cusp has already occurred, in that someone who was at Oxford with me has already been the president of the United States and he turned out to be a real scumbag.”

I am aware Hitchens has a low opinion of Clinton. He has written about it extensively. But I didn’t know they went back such a long way. “I’m never going to get closer than that – to having someone of my lot in the highest position,” he continues.

“And I hated every minute of it. I felt Clinton represented the worst of the 1960s. He had none of the virtues of the 68-ers – the soixante-huitards – who at least felt they were fighting for other people’s interests and that the world might be changing – as opposed to the solipsism and narcissism of most of the baby boomers. They [Clinton’s sub-category] were merely the sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Not that we despise that of course.

On Hillary Clinton:

Does he feel that she also embodied the vices of the 1960s?

“Not at all,” he replies enthusiastically. “With her it’s too many of the virtues. She’s a perfect example of how the 1960s have mutated into – I hate the term political correctness but I suppose it’s unavoidable. In other words they have changed from people who said they wanted complete freedom of speech on campus, into people who now want to police the campus. She represents that mutation to mere perfection.”

Hitchens is in the familiar, articulate form I recognise from his television appearances, and is being quite unreasonable. I have no intention of stopping him. So he goes on: “And then going from sexual freedom to saying that any unwanted advance is a case for the dean or the rape crisis centre – all of this re-infantilising – ‘put that fag out, don’t drink, or wait for a drink until you’re 21’ – all this is an absolute negation of it but with the same complete sense of rectitude. I find it utterly nauseating.”

Recently, BobandTom suggested that Hillary was unelectable because every time she talks, no matter what the topic, she seems to be “yelling at you.”  A behavioral manifestation of her chronic sanctimony.  Hitchens has NAILED the fundamental problems with both Clintons:  Bill is an overgrown, hyperactive three-year old, and Hillary is the overwrought mother of same who compensates for her inability to control him by trying to control everyone else.

Hitchens even sounds off on when he discovered radical Islamism was a Bad Thing.

Nope, not on 9/11/01:

. . .it was St Valentine’s Day 1989,” he says. “Can you remember what happened on that day?” I rack my brain but all I recall was having dinner alone. “That was the day Ayatollah Khomeini issued the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.”

I recall that day vividly, thinking to myself, “Who IS this bearded idiot who thinks he has the moral authority to condemn a writer.  One of fiction, for that matter.”

In the end, this is why I was not at all surprised that it was a horde of radical Islamists at the control on 9/11.

Hitchens is still a blithering idiot when it comes to religion, but I find his political instincts to be rather spot on.



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