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Amanda Marcotte: The Face of Evil January 18, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Creepiness, Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal self-loathing, Pandamansanity, Pro-Life.


Money quotes:

I don’t actually think this is an issue that’s painted in shade of gray. “Shades of gray” only comes into the equation for me when actual, feeling beings are killed or forced to suffer for reasons that are understandable,* but as fetuses are unfeeling balls of flesh that have brain activity far below the sort of animals we thoughtlessly kill in animal shelters and farms every day, I find there to be no complexity. In a battle between what is still technically a feeling-free parasite on a woman’s body and a living, breathing, feeling woman, the latter wins hands down, and there’s no complexity or shades of gray there.**

Whew. Nasty, evil shit, plain and simple. Not only is this the parasite argument in its horrific splendor, but Peter Singer would marry this monstrous excuse for a woman given her explicit rejection of his specious “speciesism”.

It goes on to address the issue of the unavoidable -even for her twisted logic- of late-term abortions:

**Later term abortions are a fraction of abortions, and of those, there’s a fraction that are in the gray zone of fetal development where it might feel pain. These are undoubtably (sic) uncomfortable, but since most occur when the fetus is already dead or in literal self-defense of the woman, I still feel that there’s no reason for these abortions to be controversial.

Of course not. First, you employ the “immature nervous system/lower-than-animal/parasite argument. When you find yourself justifiably challenged on that point, simply go with the brute force approach. The mother was there first, ergo, she wins out. All the issue has to be is one of her own “mental discomfort” and the baby is literally thrown out with the bathwater, and in Marcotte’s evil cosmology, that should cause no trouble whatsoever.

The woman is a monster.

They are only controversial because anti-choicers who agitate against them lie to people by not telling them the very understandable reasons these are performed. What’s not morally gray? Lying to people to cause unnecessary suffering to others. That’s always wrong.

You’re right on one point Amanda, you trashy animal. Lying to cause unnecessary suffering IS always wrong. And YOU’RE doing the lying, saying that to abort is no issue, not a concern.

It will haunt those poor mothers for the rest of their lives.You lie to say that it should not.

Of course, if YOU ever abort, it won’t trouble you. You killed your conscience and encased the corpse in concrete years ago.

Happy trails.



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