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Pick one, Amanda, just one. January 26, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Liberal Hypocrisy, Pandamansanity.

My gog, this woman’s writing. Her knee-jerk compulsive feminism cannot allow her a moment’s peace, and it is now getting in the way of what little consistency might be found in her blatherings.

Case in point: An article deriding the tendency of some men to grope women when in close quarters. A wretched behavior, to be sure. Overall, I can’t say that I disagree with her general point, but her reflexive hatred of men keeps fouling the narrative.

On the one hand, gropers are recognized as a problem and dealt with accordingly. In Mexico City and Japan, this means female-only busses:

while the idea of the female-only trains and buses that have been built in Mexico City and Japan in response to the amount of harassment women get on the integrated trains frustrates my non-segregationist heart, it would be hard to pass up the female-only bus if given a choice in an atmosphere where I know that groping is on the way.

I can’t blame Marcotte for a moment. There is the possible canard of suggesting she is a hypocrite in functionally blessing de facto segregation. But on the other hand, if the men are going to act like pigs, then keep them on a bus meant only for pigs.

In Austin, gropers at rock concerts are supposedly forcibly ejected from the premises. And good for Austin concert security for getting rid of these creeps.

Amanda buttresses the discussion by noting that gropers do their dirt in places where there cannot be any witnesses, due to the confined nature of the space. Women in MC and Japan have had to make claims to authorities that groping took place, with no eyewitnesses. Similarly, women at Austin rock concerts complain to security, who surely did not see the groping take place, and nevertheless, they eject the cad immediately on the strength of the woman’s complaint.

No problem. Well they should, unless the woman proves (proves) to be making false report.

But Marcotte then turns it all on its head, as her reflexive man hatred flares up:

Harassers like to have the semblance of privacy before they act, to make the abuse seem unwitnessed in a world where men’s word is taken above women’s as a matter of routine.

So which is it, you silly twit? Women’s complaints are listened to, or they are routinely dismissed?

You can’t have it both ways, especially in your own article.



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