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Mamacita sounds off on Hillary, Rick Moran on Obama January 27, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

. . .this is why the Presidential election coming up has me concerned.  The ONLY candidate on any side that I felt motivated by, Fred Thompson, has pulled out (and he did a poor job of campaigning to begin with).  This leaves the Republicans with Money (Romney), defense (Giuliani) and pro-life (Huckabee) with a strange maverick in the lead with whom I agree on almost nothing (McCain).  Combine Romney’s money with Giulani’s stand on defense, Huckabee’s social conservatism and McCain’s momentum, and there you have a good candidate.

But only one of those schmoes can win at a time, and each has serious problems.  Romney stands for nothing, Giulani is a social conservative’s worst nightmare, Huckabee talks to God, and like I said, McCain is nuts.

The problem is, ONE of these fools simply MUST win in November, because the alternatives are worse.

Barack Obama (via RightWingNutHouse):

I have often referred to Obama as an empty suit. The analogy is apt because despite his obvious gifts, Obama has not fleshed out many of his basic, fundamental principles and how they would play a role in his presidency. Just what exactly does he stand for besides the vague platitudes about “hope” and “change” that pepper his speeches like little dollops of whipped cream? Where is the rock to which he tethers his beliefs?

I don’t think this is a question of intellectual laziness but rather it is a matter of not having spent enough time confronting, questioning, strengthening, and ultimately adopting in his own mind the bedrock foundation of a political philosophy. This is especially true because Obama, more than any other liberal politician in a couple of generations, really does want to re-define liberalism.

But to this point, there simply isn’t any “there” there. There are position papers. There is a nebulous appeal to some idealistic “crusade” to remake politics in America. But there is nothing behind the curtain of campaign platitudes that would lead one to believe that Obama has given any serious thought about how these concepts play into an overall framework of beliefs that he can call his own.

For this reason, at the present time, Obama would make a terrible president – beyond the fact that I believe his policies to be wrongheaded and even dangerous.

Rick has very ably captured my fundamental uneasiness with Obama.  Aside from the fact that he is a 100% ADA liberal in his voting record, “there is no  ‘there’ there.”

Then there is Hillary.  God help us all (or at least, Mamacita will help):

I could never vote for Hilary, and it’s not because of her sex. It’s because I see her as an enabler of a man whose personal life is disgusting. I see her as an enabler of a marriage that is a joke. I see her as an enabler of a man who tries to pass off his inability to keep it in his pants as a ‘disease.’ Please. I also see one/half of a couple whose values are so far removed from mine that I simply can’t accept them in any way. When I think of the Clintons, all I see is a dysfunctional family, a pack of liars, and a woman who stayed in an adulterous marriage so she could climb higher as a politician. I also see a person who supposedly represents a state in which she did not even live. This is a joke, too. Add to all this the fact that the Clintons are milking the taxpayers for all it’s worth by charging the Feds rent for the extra residence they built to house the Secret Service agents – to the tune of the equivalent of their mortgage on that million-dollar home they bought to establish residence in New York – that’s a 10,000 mortgage, folks -this means that the taxpayers are paying the Clintons’ salaries, mortgage, transportation, safety and security, and the salaries for their 12-man staff. Looking out for the common people? The Clintons don’t know what a common person is. They don’t hang out with common people. No, I don’t want either of them representing me in any way. The Clintons are a joke. Worse, they are a joke without a punch line. A never-ending build-up without any resolution. He is a grinning, selfish, horny old man, and she is a scary cackling oaf with a hard chromium finish. Both are scrambling up the political ladder on each other’s coattails, both are kicking the ladder away beneath them, and neither has a heart, or any kind of ethics other than the selfish kind.


No, I could never vote for Hilary, and I will never be able to endorse her in any way, unless she was running for National Joke, or National Bitch, or National Poster Woman for Dysfunctional Relationships, or Enabler of the Year, or some such.

God, that is beautiful writing, like Dante’s descriptions of the horrors of Hell was beautiful.  And she is dead on again in describing why the woman simply MUST NOT become President.  8 more years of Clinton will ruin this country, not to mention ossify its politics.  I could get to 28 years of married life with nothing but Bushes and Clintons in the White House.

That is not healthy for the country.  Barack isn’t either.  But Hillary herself is the kiss of death.



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