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That’s it, I have officially become a full-fledged WSU Cougar fan January 29, 2008

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UW has fallen off my list of acceptable schools.  The place is a rat’s nest; Todd Turner the former AD, tried to right the ship and has been since fired for not securing enough wins; current football coach Ty Willingham is on the hot seat for the same reason.

Money quote:

As one wrote on this seattletimes.com poll: “Nice guy Ty but in over his head. Nice guys finish last. UW deserves better.”

Well, you imbecile, let’s see what you get when you secure what UW better deserves.

Convicted of assault and accused of rape, star player received raft of second chances

That is current Tampa Bay tight end Jerramy Stevens, former Husky (NOT a graduate, despite his claims) who has multiple raps for DUI, rape and parole violation.

The man is an out-of-control scumbag who was enabled by the UW, its coach, boosters and administration.  The UW went so far as to try to “out” the name of the freshmen woman he was accused of raping in 2000, simply to pressure the poor girl into calling off her civil lawsuit against the UW, as King County prosecutor Norm Maleng wouldn’t press charges against the star Husky tight end.

To hell with the UW, Tampa Bay, Husky football and King County justice.  Seattle sucks.  The only people there worth rooting for are the Mariners, suffering Sonic fans, Mike Holmgren and Ty Willingham, who is gonna get axed next year for not winning enough and the UW and it’s idiot boosters can then bring in another win-at-all-costs coach.

GO COUGS!!!!!!



1. PANCHA - June 21, 2008


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