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No. Fricking. Clue. February 29, 2008

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None.  There IS a hope for some type of consistency, but it ain’t morals.


And I’m absolutely f****** (edited by siteowner) sick of talk about the importance of the right to treat women who get abortions, people who fight for reproductive rights, or those who provide abortion as morally inferior. I’d take the moral superiority of an abortion doctor who crawls through a pile of often gun-wielding protesters to help desperate women any day over someone who runs around saying we need to pander to people who are uneasy with women’s rights. Their churchiness has nothing to do with it.

So, while she and the rest of the moonbats are babbling that pro-lifers stop caring about the fetus once it’s born, SHE shows their absolute amoral purity by saying that they stop caring about the woman once she has killed her own kid.  The abortion doctor who kills the kid is the height of moral purity.

Absolutely incredible.  At least pro-lifers have the moral consistency to CARE about the baby being actually born AND cares about the woman after she kills her own kid.

Mandy, she simply disregards the kid and sells the aborting mother down the river once she’s done her part in adding to Moloch’s Blizzard of Blood.

It is consistent, OK.  Absolutely consistent Amorality.

(The link to the original nightmare article is not posted right now because WordPress is having a wino attack.  I’ll try again later).


Wow. WHAT are they smoking over at Mandy’s Place? February 26, 2008

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It is just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

The basic premise of this article -that McCain will be difficult for the Evil Party to beat in November- is correct. But for all -I mean ALL- the wrong reasons.

But what we must absolutely remember is that even though political junkie liberals see McCain for the phony, war-mongering, woman-hating, lobbyist-loving, K-Street sellout that he is, there’s no reason to think that our accurate perception is shared.

THAT’S an accurate perception? Well, then. Let’s see what other hallucinations Mandy the Berserk is serving up tonight.

. . .we just hope that he looks so tired and worn out that people pick the vibrant, youthful-looking Democrat against him, which describes both candidates in the contest.

To quote Harlan Ellison, “you’ve got to be pulling my gotkes.” I’ll freely admit that Obama is vibrant and youthful; that’s part of his charm, as well as his ability to present himself as a Rorschach inkblot for all dissatisfied American voters to then project their own wishful thinking desires upon him, and he becomes All Things for All Voters.

Which is a carny-barker scam of the first water. . .but that is also all beside the point. How in HELL can Mandy call this:

. . .”vibrant and youthful”?

Moving on to the next Clozapine symptom:

all these things put together are often no match for a mainstream media that openly campaigns for the Republican.




And Gore won anyway. He didn’t win enough to keep the Republicans from stealing it, no, but a few things have changed since that dark election 8 years ago.

Good God almighty. This ancient tripe. The way Democrats win close elections is to count and re-count the votes until they get the result theywant, then end any further re-counts.  It worked in Washington State. It damned near worked in 2000 on the national level. Not that Bush is my all-time favorite president. but he’s a DAMNED sight better than the Bloviator, and dammit, he won honestly.

In the aftermath of the election, independent recounts were conducted by The Miami Herald and USA Today, concluding that Bush would have won in all legally requested recount scenarios. . .

Move the f*** on, you deranged cow.

We have the blogs.

Frankly, I’m not so sure of that. And even if it IS true, do you think that laying claim to some hundred thousand people who sit on their cans all day reading other people’s writing is going to make THAT much of a difference? Face facts, people. The value of Kos, DU and their ilk is going to lessen significantly once the conventions are over. At that point, all the people they can call over to their side will already be there; their only hope to dissuade potential McCain voters, none of whom will be reading that deranged moonbattery anyway.

Just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

The New York Times, the nation’s “Newspaper of Record.” February 21, 2008

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Um, right.  Check this out.  Either it’s true, and we are all in a WORLD of hurt as furniture becomes more valuable than children, or the editors have their heads up their asses.

I’m hoping -really hoping- that truth is the latter.

via CAEI 

Lenten meditation February 21, 2008

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via The Anchoress.

My wife is not of the blogging sort, but being a devoted Catholic, I have directed her to The Anchoress as she is one of the rare few on the Internet that has her head on straight with regards to almost everything (save her fondness for the Yankees).

Her meditation provided for today has two points that I wished to catalog here:  One is her quote from St. John of the Cross:

In order to arrive at having pleasure in everything, Desire to have pleasure in nothing.
In order to arrive at possessing everything, Desire to possess nothing.
In order to arrive at being everything, Desire to be nothing.
In order to arrive at knowing everything, Desire to know nothing.

– — St. John of the Cross, Ascent of Mount Carmel, book I chapter 13, section 11

The second is the video meditation upon graveyards that she attached to it.  The images are striking, but when combined with An Ending (Ascent) from Brian Eno’s seminal ambient work, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks it makes for a breathtaking and vivid visual meditation.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Dry as Dust Lecturing February 19, 2008

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(An unfinished bit I wrote some months ago.  I decided to publish it as is, with the understanding that it will remain unfinished.)

God help the biology students at University of Minnesota-Morris. I have heard the dreaded PZ Myers lecture. Christians of the US may rest easy. The man reaches a lot of people by his idiot blog, but once you hear him speak for real, boredom and ennui rapifly settle in. The one thing that kept me going was his occasional non sequitur bleats about how there are no angels to be found in the neuro-electrical activity of the brain.

This stimulates a form of interest, the same sort that might come about after been having trapped by the resident party bore, having cornered you and droned on uninterrupted for 20 minutes about the technical aspects of his exceedingly dreary job, thereby causing you to unfocus and begin daydreaming about maybe falling asleep in front of a TV documentary on catfish harvesting; when suddenly the party bore breaks out with an previously unsuspected case of Tourette’s, cursing the hostess at the top of his lungs and loudly proclaiming her deviant sexual practices. The usual response in such a situation would be the classic, “WTF???? Where did that come from?” So too it is PZ Myers. Droningly dull blather, punctuated by the occasional, completely un-related WTF moments.

Here, in Part 1 of a talk entitled “There Are No Ghosts in Your Brain”, Myers goes on at great length, though in relatively simplistic fashion, about the basics of neurophysiology; detailing the micro-neurophysiology of neuron function, and the macro-neurophysiology of brain mapping. In between, he briefly concedes that the ground between the micro- and macro-neurophysiology, exactly how these millions upon millions of neuronal pulses leads to motor control, sensory management and manifestation of the personality. It’s really a standard primer lecture on intro to neuroscience for the layman with no previous exposure to the subject. If you can get past his enormously boring lecturing voice, I suppose it serves the purpose. There is no doubt that Myers has a firm grasp of the science involved.

But the Tourette’s style, WTF moments come right after he gets done detailing the micro-neurophysiology, and again after outlining the macro-neurophysiology. In both cases, he then mutters, apropos of nothing, “See? There are no angels to be found here. It can all be explained through materialistic means.”

Why would we expect there to be angels involved there?

(It pays to keep in mind that he is addressing a meeting of the Minnesota Atheists; and his expectation is to prove through his lecture on neuroscience that there is no God. He has a audience loaded with sycophants who will nod vigorously at everything he says; at both his solidly grounded science and at his outre, bullshit ventings about how this proves there is no God.)

There is no expectation from Catholics, at any rate, that minute examinations within neuroscience would show angels dancing on the head of a dendrite. Yet PZ, in his demented exclamation that there is no God, claims that the failure of finding the angel where we would never expect to see it anyway proves there is no God.

He then goes on in his smartass fashion to suggest that the materialistic method as espoused by scientists is doing a much better job of understanding the brain than your neighborhood minister.

No kidding? To me, this is akin to suggesting that the local cook has been doing a much better job at processing, preparing and serving food than your local scientist. I should hope so. But this means that I then denigrate the scientist for not succeeding in managing food?

Shorter Kraken February 19, 2008

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In their mad dash to evade all that God has taught and given, the Kraken embody the cautionary wisdom of the Prophet Chesterton.

They are. . .

“. . .weary of hearing what they have never yet heard.”

And in that weariness, they block out any rational. . .and divine. . .argument by surrounding themselves with nodding androids who applaud their every foolish blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Plus c’a change, plus ce la meme chose, political edition February 15, 2008

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In some ways, the current fascination with Obama in the Democratic party reminds me of the Messianic fervor that swept the ’68 and ’72 primaries, with McCarthy and more importantly RFK filling the roles of the Chosen One. One glaring difference between McCarthy and RFK vs. Obama is the fact that both ’68 Dems had evident themes upon which they were placing their campaigns, whereas Obama appears to be a blank slate, an open Rorshach inkblot upon which prospective voters may project whatever political desires they may wish and feel that they are in fact present. A very attractive -and dangerously deceptive- attribute for a candidate to possess.

But once Sirhan Sirhan snuffed the Impossible Dream out in Los Angeles and the nightmare that was Chicago and the DNC then ravaged the party, the Democrats were left in a state similar to the country-at-large during the depression, desperate for deliverance.

And amongst the younger -and more easily fooled- Democrats in ’72 there came the out-of-nowhere McGovern, a breath of fresh air seemingly destined to seize control of the political apparat and flush the brainless functionaries such as Muskie and Humphrey from their bastions of power, injecting new meaning into the workings of the Republic, and finally drive the gargoyle Nixon from the White House.

Coming out of Miami in the summer of ’72, after McGovern whipped the last efforts of the old party hacks to unseat him, the Democratic grassroots seemed ready to storm the country.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the White House. McGovern’s obvious appeal to younger voters in the Blue Areas of the US did no translate to a larger appeal to the more general electorate. He suddenly appeared to be “just another politician” as the Eagleton episode and his inability to properly formulate a working economic plan became permanent albatrosses around his neck.

Now in ’08, we have another “new Democrat” who is making a huge appeal to young and activist Democrats, and his grassroots-style of campaigning, very reminiscent of McGovern’s, is doing the same thing to the old Party Establishment that McGovern did to Muskie. Clinton, the heir apparent as was Muskie, was holding all the pre-election cards just as Muskie did before her, is getting her ass kicked from here to next November by a bunch of wild-eyed young punks who are lit with the fire of True Belief that their candidate is the one to lead them to the Promised Land. Again, just like Muskie and McGovern.

But like McGovern before him, Obama is going to have a very hard time making a broader appeal to those voters who are not taken in by his great charisma that is also devoid of tangible meaning.

It is this very lack of meaning that is the basis of his appeal. A Rorshach test is meaningless if the inkblots make for a clear picture. It is their very ambiguity that allows them to work as projective instruments. Obama’s own vagueness on his actual executive actions allows voters to transform him into whatever they wish.

That will change once if the guy gets elected, and fast.

But I do not think he will. There are still too many rock-ribbed pragmatists (and cynics) out there who espouse the old motto of the State of Missouri: “Show Me.” Obama cannot claim that he can show anyone anything.

In ’72, a maverick from nowhere drove the Party hacks from their perches to broker a convention and then seize the Democratic nomination. He promptly got his ass kicked in the general by what was regarded at the time as one of the least desirable of Presidents, Richard Nixon.

In ’08, it appears that yet another maverick will again drive the party hack Clintonites from their perches, either broker yet another convention or outright seize the nomination. But it is my prediction that he will also get his ass kicked by a Republican maverick in his own right, John McCain.

So long as McCain does not say anything to jeopardize himself, that is.

Kraken, meet Mark Shea February 14, 2008

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The Myers/Dennett/Dawkins multi-headed, no-brained hydra has no answer for this:

Atheism loves to talk about how fearful Christianity is. In reality, the element of fear in Christianity is quite small in lived experience. Listen to the average prayer and it is not about pleading with God to spare the believer, but about thanking God for this and that blessing. The impulse to give thanks is the real undercurrent of human existence. That’s why the central act of the Christian faith is “eucharist” (thanksgiving). The atheist must, by force of his own inhuman philosophy, set himself dead against the impulse. And the stronger the impulse becomes, the more vociferous the atheist must be in emphasizing all his reasons for refusing to give thanks. He must talk endlessly about all the bad things that happen in the world. He must ridicule the impulse of gratitude. He must, in short, make a pain in the ass of himself, all while congratulating himself that he is being a “realist”. A realist who misses about 90% of reality because he cannot join in the common human activity of gratitude for the goodness of life.

Shea is so pithy and spot-on.  A great antidote for brainless, self-serving atheist idiocy.

Attention: Pharyngulite Plonk Miners February 7, 2008

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Why do you keep looking in here?  Everyday, my little stat monitor keeps telling me that a handful of you poke you little noses in here everyday.


Assuming you are part of Myers’ Sycophantic Horde (MSH, pat. pend), you already have the kool-aid truth as you would have it for your libations regularly.  Near as I can tell (I’m spending less and less time there myself.  The theme never varies, it has no beat, and you cannot dance to it) neither his lessons nor his tiresome pedagogy have altered one iota.  He still has utter faith in the fact that faith serves no purpose in the pursuit of truth.

Which is highly ironic, if you can actually take a moment to consider it.

Now there are only two sorts of people who think Scripture is supposed to be The Big Book of Everything: New Atheists and Fundamentalists (who are more alike than either realizes).

(That last courtesy of Mark Shea.  I suggest you check it out.  Helps get the taste of bad Kool-Aid out of your mouth)

The above quote gives a small indication of the irony.  The Prophet Myers is loaded with faith.  And he encourages His Horde to have that same faith.

And since your local faith claims that I am an idiot, why keep looking in here?

Epic Failure February 1, 2008

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Looking to feel better at the expense of someone else? You need no longer go to Pharyngula and read vast amounts of gibberish to find someone who has failed more than you (though Myers certainly fits the bill. . .acres of swill are not fun to read.)

No! Eschew Pharyngula! Go instead to the mighty Fail Blog. Many, many pictures of creatures acting dumber than you!! (though not so dumb as PZ). Enjoy!


Then there is the Shipment of Fail and DoingItWrong as well.