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Attention: Pharyngulite Plonk Miners February 7, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Catholicism, Cultural Pessimism, Faith, Pharyngulism.

Why do you keep looking in here?  Everyday, my little stat monitor keeps telling me that a handful of you poke you little noses in here everyday.


Assuming you are part of Myers’ Sycophantic Horde (MSH, pat. pend), you already have the kool-aid truth as you would have it for your libations regularly.  Near as I can tell (I’m spending less and less time there myself.  The theme never varies, it has no beat, and you cannot dance to it) neither his lessons nor his tiresome pedagogy have altered one iota.  He still has utter faith in the fact that faith serves no purpose in the pursuit of truth.

Which is highly ironic, if you can actually take a moment to consider it.

Now there are only two sorts of people who think Scripture is supposed to be The Big Book of Everything: New Atheists and Fundamentalists (who are more alike than either realizes).

(That last courtesy of Mark Shea.  I suggest you check it out.  Helps get the taste of bad Kool-Aid out of your mouth)

The above quote gives a small indication of the irony.  The Prophet Myers is loaded with faith.  And he encourages His Horde to have that same faith.

And since your local faith claims that I am an idiot, why keep looking in here?



1. Ichthyic - February 21, 2008

“Why do you keep looking in here? Everyday, my little stat monitor keeps telling me that a handful of you poke you little noses in here everyday.


I’ll bite.

two reasons:

1. you show up as one of the few people in the dungeon on Pharyngula, and people who don’t already know what a whack job you are are curious to see why. Seeing your crop of crapola, they quickly figure it out and leave without further comment.

2. those who remember you, like myself, occasionally (very) pop in to see if you are STILL on a whackadoo rant about PZ after all this time, and find out that yes, unbelievably, you still are!

How’s that workin’ out fer ya?

oh, wait, judging by the number of comments you get around here, and the fact you made this which just screams of a desperate need for attention, I’d say not all that well.


onwards, then, eh?


2. demolition65 - February 21, 2008

And here we have a fine example of a member of the MSH in action.

1. No surprise that you might think this is “crapola.” The problem, FishFace, is that when you subsist on a steady diet of junk food, more palatable fare just doesn’t seem workable.

In other words, you swim in shit long enough, a shower not only seems unnecessary, but repugnant. You enjoy being covered in shit, that’s your lookout.

2. Why would I change? PZ and His Horde are just as lost as always.

As for attention, whatever, dude. Read the “about” page. This is not about stroking my ego, unlike your master, the Prophet Myers.

3. Ichthyic - February 21, 2008

btw, you asked: why?

you got your answer.

be happy.

4. demolition65 - February 21, 2008

There are many answers to why. Some informed, some clueless.

Guess where you fall?

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