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Kraken, meet Mark Shea February 14, 2008

Posted by Administrator in atheism, Idiots, Smart People.

The Myers/Dennett/Dawkins multi-headed, no-brained hydra has no answer for this:

Atheism loves to talk about how fearful Christianity is. In reality, the element of fear in Christianity is quite small in lived experience. Listen to the average prayer and it is not about pleading with God to spare the believer, but about thanking God for this and that blessing. The impulse to give thanks is the real undercurrent of human existence. That’s why the central act of the Christian faith is “eucharist” (thanksgiving). The atheist must, by force of his own inhuman philosophy, set himself dead against the impulse. And the stronger the impulse becomes, the more vociferous the atheist must be in emphasizing all his reasons for refusing to give thanks. He must talk endlessly about all the bad things that happen in the world. He must ridicule the impulse of gratitude. He must, in short, make a pain in the ass of himself, all while congratulating himself that he is being a “realist”. A realist who misses about 90% of reality because he cannot join in the common human activity of gratitude for the goodness of life.

Shea is so pithy and spot-on.  A great antidote for brainless, self-serving atheist idiocy.



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