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No. Fricking. Clue. February 29, 2008

Posted by Administrator in atheism, Creepiness, Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal self-loathing, Pandamansanity.

None.  There IS a hope for some type of consistency, but it ain’t morals.


And I’m absolutely f****** (edited by siteowner) sick of talk about the importance of the right to treat women who get abortions, people who fight for reproductive rights, or those who provide abortion as morally inferior. I’d take the moral superiority of an abortion doctor who crawls through a pile of often gun-wielding protesters to help desperate women any day over someone who runs around saying we need to pander to people who are uneasy with women’s rights. Their churchiness has nothing to do with it.

So, while she and the rest of the moonbats are babbling that pro-lifers stop caring about the fetus once it’s born, SHE shows their absolute amoral purity by saying that they stop caring about the woman once she has killed her own kid.  The abortion doctor who kills the kid is the height of moral purity.

Absolutely incredible.  At least pro-lifers have the moral consistency to CARE about the baby being actually born AND cares about the woman after she kills her own kid.

Mandy, she simply disregards the kid and sells the aborting mother down the river once she’s done her part in adding to Moloch’s Blizzard of Blood.

It is consistent, OK.  Absolutely consistent Amorality.

(The link to the original nightmare article is not posted right now because WordPress is having a wino attack.  I’ll try again later).



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