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1 Word March 4, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Creepiness, Cultural Pessimism, Mechanistic Relativism, Politics.


I can’t help it.  I listen to the chanting on this video, apparently the brainchild of Will.I.Am. of the Black-Eyed Peas, and I start flashing back to videos of hundreds of crazed brownshirts stamping their feet, hurling their arms straight out and screaming “Sieg HEIL” at the appearance of their Fuhrer.

Now, I understand that Obama is no fascist, and I am not trying to compare him to Hitler.  But I AM comparing the fawning of his sycophants to that of the unthinking adulation and obedience the Germans gave to der Fuhrer.  And that adulation is dangerous, both to Obama, his followers and the country at-large.

HT: Anchoress 



1. Julie - March 4, 2008

Agreed. Thank you for saying it. Not many do these days. They just say “we’re here for hope, we’re here for change” hope and change of WHAT?

2. demolition65 - March 4, 2008

Yeah. All we have here is a blank memo sheet. The memo actually says nothing at all.

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