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A brief reminder about what this blog is about March 9, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Blogging.

It is simply a place to put my thoughts and arguments. What few comments come this way usually get approved, but there are exceptions. Those could include:

  • Comments designed to attack the messenger rather than the message. These sorts of comments have been approved on occasion, but more often have been blocked.
  • Spam. This and the above category of comment are by far the more common to get blocked.
  • Blasphemy. (Haven’t seen much of this, but it has happened).

Generally speaking, that’s it as far as it gets to what is off limits.

Granted, I have a very limited readership. News alert. I don’t really care. Snide commentary can sometimes be found drawing attention to that fact, suggesting perhaps that I need to “update my opinions” so that they might be more popular. I don’t give a rip how many people read this. 1,000 people or none, makes no difference.

This isn’t about popularity, page hits, increased readership or about making money.

It’s just writing because if I don’t, to quote Stephen King, I’d become a monkey.

Oh, and “Mike”: You have one comment -maybe- out of six I think it was, that actually addressed any argument I might have made. The rest were just snide horsefeathers attacking the messenger in some way. When I got to those that were then criticizing me for not approving them -when I had not yet even seen them-, I figured it simply made more sense to ditch the whole batch. I was prepared to approve the one that was semi-rational, but in the end concluded that anyone whose ego demands instant comment approval probably isn’t worth the effort.



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