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Spitzer by picture March 11, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Idiots, Liberal Hypocrisy.

Proposed caption:  This is the face of man who stuck his ass into a steel-toothed spring trap.

Proposed caption:  Cuckolded wife thinks: “Not only do I have to show my betrayed ass on national TV with this silly twit (and WHO is the skank that actually slept with this ugly fool?), but his ass is TOAST when we get home.  And next year, I am SO soaking him in the divorce settlement.  I’d call him a tool, but because I have to give my own show of support to his philandering, holier-than-thou, hypocritical ass I suppose I’d just be quiet.”

In all honesty, she is a tough woman to stand up there with this twit, and my heart does go out to her.  There can be few things more humiliating than public recognition of your having been cuckolded.

But I have no sympathy for Spitzer.  None.  Only idiots and monkeys are so stupid as to not keep it in the pants.



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