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Amanda asserts the absurd. . . April 16, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Idiots.

. . .she’s saying that she can’t help herself in being such a monstrous female dog.

I don’t accept that there’s a dimension to self outside of the physical body. In fact, I think there’s potential social benefits from getting past the idea of free will. How many dumb conservative ideas come back to the notion that strength of will is the major factor? From welfare (they need to choose their way out of poverty!) to the Iraq war (it’s a matter of wanting to win bad enough!) , there’s this obsession. We have tons of very privileged white men who think they do better than everyone else because they chose their fate, and the rest of us are just bad choice makers.

Naturally, this lets her off the hook for being such a huge monster.

OK, Amanda. There is no free will. I therefore blame the environment for sneaking up behind you and planting my booted toe in your sanctimonious ass. You can’t hold me accountable. I simply could not help myself.



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