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B16 April 18, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Catholicism.

I have very little to say.  I’ve been following a bit on the Internets.  Much of the expected stuff comes floating up.  Democrats don’t want to endorse Benedict as he is so relentlessly Pro-Life:

(Senator Barbara) Boxer(D, Cal) put that on display once again today, when she temporarily blocked the passage of a Senate resolution honoring the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.  The resolution, offered by Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, was deemed offensive to Boxer in two areas, and wouldn’t allow the measure to move forward until the language was removed.  One of the clauses dealt with religious expression in public places.  Boxer certainly can’t have that.

But the line in the sand clause to Boxer was this one, which you can read at Politico.com.

“Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out for the weak and vulnerable, witnessing to the value of each and every human life;”

Boxer can’t handle that.  Big surprise.

And that B16 is getting all kinds of stuff about the abuse scandal.  Mark Shea and Anchoress have fine comments on that.

In the end, I have little to add, as I’ve mentioned earlier due in part to the fact that I am busier than I have perhaps ever been.  Ever.

Sad, in that so much of how I identify myself is through my Catholicism, and this Pope is doing bang-up job of continuing and amplifying the legacy of JPII.  I was excited when he was elected, and I’ve never lost that excitement.

But that’s all I have to add.

Great overall round-up to be found at the Anchoress here.



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