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Two bulldogs in a fight. . . April 23, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Idiots, Politics, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

. . .ugly ones, at that.  That is the Democratic primary race.  What we have here are two nasty, trim and at one time in-shape bulldogs in a vicious fight-for-their-lives; the loser more or less dies.

The winner?  Gets the dubious distinction of going off into another fight, this time with a pit bull.  This pit bull may be aged, but he is battle tested (in more ways than one) and is very well rested.

Hillary is amazing.  She pretty much is single-handedly assuring that we will have a President McCain.

Then there is this Danish joke that gives a chuckling European read on this ridiculousness (from PianoGirl via Anchoress):

From a Danish associate:

“We in Denmark cannot figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election. On one side, you have a b*tch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, and a lawyer who is married to a b*tch who is a lawyer. On the other side, you have a true war hero married to a woman with a huge chest who owns a beer distributorship.

Is there a contest here?



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