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Silence perhaps to end. . . May 2, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Drama, Education.

Just ended two weeks of nearly unrelenting toil to bring Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to the stage at my high school. We opened tonight. These are my quick observations:

I hate, HATE the lapel mikes we are working with. They have given me no end of trouble, and tonight was no exception, with Claudio’s mike taking much of Act I off, again, and the occasional screeches, mikes turning on and off at whim drove me to distraction.

That is the lone cavil. The kids brought in great energy, better than I have ever seen, making stuff come alive that I hadn’t really noticed in the script before, and I’ve been living this script almost non-stop for months on end.

We got a standing ovation. I was pleasantly shocked, to say the least. People raved about it afterward, saying it was far, far better than they anticipated. There will need to be some reminding to the cast that they still need focus for the next two nights.

I am utterly exhausted, too much so to feel the ebullience I ought to be feeling when getting a standing “O” on my very first opening night as a director, and so grateful that the 18-hour days I have been putting in the past two full weeks (no break on weekends) are finally at an end.  The show is opened.  It is in the hands of the actors now.



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