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A Thousand Words June 27, 2008

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DNC Dipseedoodidiocy, Redux June 25, 2008

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Remember her?Parry Burnap

Parry Burnap, the idiot in charge of Politically Correct Feeding for the Democratic Convention in Denver this year.

She ain’t working alone. Fresh from their own padded rooms come Denver mayor John Hickenlooper,

and “Greening Director” Andrea Robinson, whose stated goal is to provide “the most sustainable political convention in modern American history.”.

This includes having Garbage Nazis a Trash Brigade make sure that everything is disposed of properly.

Decked out in green shirts, 900 volunteers will hover at waste-disposal stations to make sure delegates put each scrap of trash in the proper bin. Lest a fork slip into the wrong container unnoticed, volunteers will paw through every bag before it is hauled away.

However, according to the WSJ, there are some snags on the road to true Greenness for our rezident hypocrites.

For instance, using all-cotton, union-made in USA fanny packs:

Official merchandiser Bob DeMasse scoured the country. His weary conclusion: “That just doesn’t exist.”

Ditto for the baseball caps. “We have a union cap or an organic cap,” Mr. DeMasse says. “But we don’t have a union-organic offering.”


Then there is the issue of precedent:

After all, the last time Democrats met in Denver — to nominate William Jennings Bryan in 1908 — they dispatched horse-drawn wagons to bring snow from the Rocky Mountains to cool the meeting hall. Ms. Robinson suspected modern-day delegates would prefer air conditioning. So she quickly modified the mayor’s goal: She’d supervise “the most sustainable political convention in modern American history.”

Can I make a suggestion? Use the 1908 version of cooling the blowhards self-important asshats delegates and candidates. Eliminate air conditioning. Ever given any thought on how THAT contributes to “global warming“?

While cooling needs increase energy use, heating needs reduce the amount. Since cooling (using electricity) is more inefficient than heating, the increase in primary energy use is amplified. Over time, the increase in cooling outweighs the decrease in heating leading to an overall increase.

The DNC this year is in Denver, August 25-28. Average daily temp in Denver in late August? 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Sounds like AC weather to me, especially when you’re talking about a bunch of overweight, overly self-important Democrats. But if they’re serious about this greening stuff, they’ll turn off the AC.

Think that’ll happen? Cold day in hell, and so on.

Actually, a guy named Fred Smith has the right idea:

Watching the greening frenzy from afar, Fred L. Smith Jr., president of the libertarian Washington think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, suggested the Democrats could really shrink their footprint by staging a virtual-reality convention: “Just have everyone stay at home with their laptops, sitting in their pajamas, interacting through their avatars.”

Just imagine. All that vast carbon footprint brought about from travel, AC usage and tremendous amounts of Liberally Hypocritical Hot Air, gone.

But do you think Mayor Green would think that is such a great idea? The economic impact on Boston from the 2004 Hypocrisy Cattle Call DNC was estimated at $163 million. Think it will be any less in Denver? Even in a recession? Don’t count on it. There is NO WAY Mayor Green would dare even think about endorsing Smith’s brilliant Green Scheme for the DNC if it means the good people of Denver lose out on ‘prox $170 million.

I mean, Greening is all well and good. But economic growth comes first.

The End of Parenting is Near June 20, 2008

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The Nanny State shows increasing signs of ascendancy when a Quebec court decides that dad has been too harsh in forbidding his daughter from attending a school trip.

Madam Justice Suzanne Tessier of the Quebec Superior Court ruled on Friday that the father couldn’t discipline his daughter by barring her from the school trip.

The judge’s decision, made from the bench, applies only to the girl’s unusual circumstances, lawyers for both sides said, trying to dispel visions of grounded teenagers rushing to the nearest courthouse to overturn their parents’ punishments.

Madam Justice’s “logic”?

Lucie Fortin, the lawyer representing the 12-year-old, said the judge found that depriving the girl of the school trip was an excessive punishment.

She said the girl has already been forbidden to use the Internet and her father also punished her by cancelling her participation in an extracurricular event.

The trip, a three-day outing within Quebec supervised by teachers and volunteer parents, marked her Grade 6 class graduation from elementary school.

“She’s becoming a big girl. … It’s a unique event in her life,” Ms. Fortin said.

How in the name of all creation does a freaking court decide if poor little Spoiled BratGirl is a “big” enough girl to override Dad’s legitimate discipline concerns?

This crap is going on in Canada, I know. But it may well meander its way down here, at which point, if I am still a parent, I must consider moving to another country that still recognizes the family as the primary social unit of society.

What is the logical end of this sort of State intervention? What kinds of kids can we look forward to?

See, now little spoiled Mackenzie can now sue her dad and get the correct car with the correct color.

This is no little cavil I am ranting about here. This is nothing less than the huge signpost that society as we know it is about to crumble.

Talk about rising divorce rates, homosexual marriage, rising teen pregnancy and STD transmission rates. Yes, those are all there as well. Take away a parent’s right to discipline, and now the State is signaling that it is the primary arbiter of society. And we all know how well the State does when it manages the monopoly on some service/commodity: It all goes to hell.

This is, simply put, really bad, bad news.

ANCHORESS as usual has more info, as well as coverage on the Canadian school that called Child Welfare on a family because a teacher’s aid felt the child was being abused based on what a local psychic had been telling her, and the school administration bought this nonsense!! Anchoress also talks about Canada’s outlawing of spanking and its lockdown on free speech.

Modern Scientific Atheists: Children with superior motor control, that’s all. June 19, 2008

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On the left, Richard Dawkins. On the right, PZ Myers (picture brought to you from the Sixth Circle of Dante’s Inferno.)

(They are) curiously limited. (They are) mechanic(s) of the brain. (They have) cut it to pieces with (their) scalpels and found no soul. Therefore there is none. Like the Russian astronauts who circled the earth and did not see God. It is the empiricism of the mechanic, and a mechanic is only a child with superior motor control.

-Dr. Sam Weizak from Stephen King’s Dead Zone.

Darwin Awards, Flame-on Category June 19, 2008

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Imbecile.  That is all.

The Bloviator still doesn’t get it June 19, 2008

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via Tennessee Policy.org:

“Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

In February 2007, An Inconvenient Truth, a film based on a climate change speech developed by Gore, won an Academy Award for best documentary feature. The next day, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research uncovered that Gore’s Nashville home guzzled 20 times more electricity than the average American household.

After the Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed Gore’s massive home energy use, the former Vice President scurried to make his home more energy-efficient. Despite adding solar panels, installing a geothermal system, replacing existing light bulbs with more efficient models, and overhauling the home’s windows and ductwork, Gore now consumes more electricity than before the “green” overhaul.

Since taking steps to make his home more environmentally-friendly last June, Gore devours an average of 17,768 kWh per month –1,638 kWh more energy per month than before the renovations – at a cost of $16,533. By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 kWh in an entire year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

In the wake of becoming the most well-known global warming alarmist, Gore won an Oscar, a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, Gore saw his personal wealth increase by an estimated $100 million thanks largely to speaking fees and investments related to global warming hysteria.

Hypocritical, liberal assbucket.

Darwin Awards, Skater’s version June 17, 2008

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This is known as self-correcting yourself OUT of the gene pool:

The SuperSonic Suit June 16, 2008

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What we have here is an assbucket of the first water:

. . .that would be Clay Bennett, principal owner of the OKC Raiders Seattle Sonics.  Said assbucket is being sued by the City of Seattle, which is ruled in principle by this gasbag:

That would be Greg Nickels, the Mayor of Seattle.

Seattle is suing Bennett because Bennett bought the Sonics with the intent of moving them to OKC as soon as possible.  Seattle is hoping to force Bennett and his cronies to keep the Sonics in Seattle another two years, the length of their lease with the City on Key Arena.

Lester Munson thinks Bennett is in deep water:

In the lease between Seattle and the Sonics, the contractual language appears to be strong enough. The contract was written in anticipation of the team trying to move and the city trying to stop the move. The key sentence is this: “The obligations of the parties to this agreement are unique in nature; This agreement may be specifically enforced by either party.” The key word in this key sentence is “unique.” Both sides agreed when they signed the lease in 1994 that the presence of NBA basketball in the city’s arena was irreplaceable. They agreed there was no sum of money that could replace the Sonics for the 15 years of the lease. Because city lawyers anticipated the current situation when they negotiated and signed the lease, the city’s position is strong. It is hard to see how Bennett and his OKC crew could avoid playing two more seasons in Seattle.

Heh heh heh.  Bennett, of course, claims that the city doesn’t care about the Sonics.

Munson responds:

They will try to compare the support in Oklahoma City with the declining support in Seattle, asserting that they are entitled to go where it is profitable. Some of it will qualify as evidence that counts in the outcome, but some of it will not. Much of the decline in fan interest in Seattle likely can be attributed to the team’s worst-ever 20-62 record last season and to Bennett’s attempts to abandon the city. (my bold font -ed)

Then waiting in the wings is the idiot Howard Schultz, who inflicted Bennett on Seattle by selling the Sonics to the highest Assbucket bidder, accepting at face value Bennett’s bullshit claims that he would do everything he could to keep basketball in Seattle.

(Bennett) faces not only the lease that probably will keep him in Seattle as a lame duck for two more seasons but also other lawsuits. The most interesting is (Starbuck’s CEO Howard) Schultz’s attempt to take the team back from Bennett and his group and resell it to what Schultz calls an “honest buyer.” None of the other owners who moved their teams as free agents faced anything quite like the Schultz attack. Although Bennett claimed at the time he purchased the team from Schultz that he intended to try to keep the team in Seattle, a series of damaging e-mails has surfaced that indicates Bennett always thought he was a free agent and was preparing to move from day one. If Pechman rules for Seattle and against Bennett, Schultz will have two years to succeed in recapturing the team and selling it to a group that will keep it in Seattle. Bennett might be further from free agency than the average rookie.

We’ll be watching this suit very closely.  Too bad one of the twerps up above has to win.  Every one of them, Bennett, Nickels and Schultz are asshats.  But I guess Bennett is the biggest of them all.

Hood Side June 16, 2008

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In an effort to stem a serious case of The Fear that has gripped me for the last two days, I submit the following (PROFANITY ALERT):

Working Class Celtics Maul Glittery Lakers June 13, 2008

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Down 21 points to end the first quarter, the Celtics eventually roar back to beat the loathesome lakers 97-91 at the Staples Center.


Then there is the LATimes post-morta: Bill Plaschke, and TJ Simers

I am not a big Boston sports fan, save for this:  They have put the hurt, a terminal hurt, on two of the biggest franchises in sports the past five years.  First forcing upon the Yankees The Biggest Choke In History back in 2004 as the Red Sox made their final march to end Babe Ruth’s Curse.  And now the Celtics have done the same to the detestable Lakers. 

Part of this is due to the fact that Doc Rivers, universally reviled as Celtic coach for years, has been schooling the ZenMaster himself, Phil Jackson.  Best evidence for this?  In quarters 1,2 and 4 of this series, LA has outscored Boston by 27 points.  But in the 3rd, when the players have just been thoroughly coached?  The Celtics are crushing the Lakers 116-73.  31-15 last night. 

That’s sound coaching, no matter how inept Doc has looked in the past, he has the Touch now.

Moving on to quotes, the asshat Kobe Bryant provides the best one:

“We just wet the bed,” Kobe said. “A nice big one, too. One of the ones you can’t put a towel over. It was terrible.”

Then there’s THIS one from Bill Simmons:

And while we’re here, let’s just say MJ’s teams never blew a 24-point lead at home in the Finals. I’m throwing it out there now.


The Kobe-MJ thing … done. Over. Jordan never would have let that happen in the Finals. Ever. Under any circumstances. Nobody is ever allowed to bring this up again.

Um, yeah.  Kobe was supposed to be the next MJ, or perhaps BETTER than MJ.



I am LOVING sports life just now.