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The SuperSonic Suit June 16, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Humor, Idiots, Sports.

What we have here is an assbucket of the first water:

. . .that would be Clay Bennett, principal owner of the OKC Raiders Seattle Sonics.  Said assbucket is being sued by the City of Seattle, which is ruled in principle by this gasbag:

That would be Greg Nickels, the Mayor of Seattle.

Seattle is suing Bennett because Bennett bought the Sonics with the intent of moving them to OKC as soon as possible.  Seattle is hoping to force Bennett and his cronies to keep the Sonics in Seattle another two years, the length of their lease with the City on Key Arena.

Lester Munson thinks Bennett is in deep water:

In the lease between Seattle and the Sonics, the contractual language appears to be strong enough. The contract was written in anticipation of the team trying to move and the city trying to stop the move. The key sentence is this: “The obligations of the parties to this agreement are unique in nature; This agreement may be specifically enforced by either party.” The key word in this key sentence is “unique.” Both sides agreed when they signed the lease in 1994 that the presence of NBA basketball in the city’s arena was irreplaceable. They agreed there was no sum of money that could replace the Sonics for the 15 years of the lease. Because city lawyers anticipated the current situation when they negotiated and signed the lease, the city’s position is strong. It is hard to see how Bennett and his OKC crew could avoid playing two more seasons in Seattle.

Heh heh heh.  Bennett, of course, claims that the city doesn’t care about the Sonics.

Munson responds:

They will try to compare the support in Oklahoma City with the declining support in Seattle, asserting that they are entitled to go where it is profitable. Some of it will qualify as evidence that counts in the outcome, but some of it will not. Much of the decline in fan interest in Seattle likely can be attributed to the team’s worst-ever 20-62 record last season and to Bennett’s attempts to abandon the city. (my bold font -ed)

Then waiting in the wings is the idiot Howard Schultz, who inflicted Bennett on Seattle by selling the Sonics to the highest Assbucket bidder, accepting at face value Bennett’s bullshit claims that he would do everything he could to keep basketball in Seattle.

(Bennett) faces not only the lease that probably will keep him in Seattle as a lame duck for two more seasons but also other lawsuits. The most interesting is (Starbuck’s CEO Howard) Schultz’s attempt to take the team back from Bennett and his group and resell it to what Schultz calls an “honest buyer.” None of the other owners who moved their teams as free agents faced anything quite like the Schultz attack. Although Bennett claimed at the time he purchased the team from Schultz that he intended to try to keep the team in Seattle, a series of damaging e-mails has surfaced that indicates Bennett always thought he was a free agent and was preparing to move from day one. If Pechman rules for Seattle and against Bennett, Schultz will have two years to succeed in recapturing the team and selling it to a group that will keep it in Seattle. Bennett might be further from free agency than the average rookie.

We’ll be watching this suit very closely.  Too bad one of the twerps up above has to win.  Every one of them, Bennett, Nickels and Schultz are asshats.  But I guess Bennett is the biggest of them all.



1. Brooks Donner - June 16, 2008

The key sentence is this: “The obligations of the parties to this agreement are unique in nature; This agreement may be specifically enforced by either party.” The key word in this key sentence is “unique.”

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