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Idiot gasbag folds, allows felonious assbucket to steal the Sonics UPDATED July 2, 2008

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Nickels (gasbag mayor of Seattle) and Bennett (felonious assbucket) have agreed to a $75 million deal to allow the Sonics to bolt to OKC effectively pretty much immediately.

Clay Bennett has done it. He has stolen the Sonics and turned them into the OKC Raiders.

I had said previously that both of these guys suck. Nothing has changed.


Lester Munson of espn.com:

Q: Why would Seattle settle? Why wouldn’t the city wait for the judge’s decision, hoping to keep the team for two years?

A: Before the six-day trial, Bennett was willing to pay $26 million to buy his way out of the lease. After the six-day trial, he increased his offer to $45 million. It could go up another $30 million in five years if the state of Washington authorizes at least $75 million in public funding to renovate KeyArena but Seattle is unable to obtain an NBA franchise of its own. Bennett increased his offer by nearly $20 million after watching both the city’s lawyers and his lawyers score some points in the trial. Bennett clearly thought there was a chance that he would be forced to stay in Seattle and was willing to pay a high price in settlement.

Although they had a powerful legal position in the language of the arena lease, mayor Greg Nickels and Seattle’s city council somehow reached the conclusion that $45 million was preferable to two years of lame-duck NBA basketball and $11 million in rent from Bennett. Most legal experts predicted that the city would have prevailed and could have held the team in Seattle for two years.

Nickels and the city hope that Seattle will somehow qualify for another NBA franchise. But, after arguing that no sum of money could replace two years of Sonics basketball, they gave away their team for a modest sum of money. It will become more of a political issue than a legal issue as Nickels and the council members face re-election.

Q: The settlement agreement includes a “negotiated statement” from NBA commissioner David Stern on “the future of professional basketball in Seattle.” What, if anything, does this mean?

A: If the choices are “meaningful” or “meaningless,” the Stern statement is meaningless.

Mayor Nickels and the city council needed something to try to show that their betrayal of Sonics fans was not a total betrayal. They needed something reassuring and hopeful in the face of what many fans thought was a disaster. The NBA was already involved in the discussions, assisting and advising Bennett on his exit from Seattle — given that, it was easy to ask Stern to say something for the fans in Seattle.


The statement reiterates the position the NBA has argued since the controversy began. Seattle is, of course, a “first-class NBA city,” Stern said. It is so fine a city that its team is leaving for Oklahoma City.

Stern also repeated his demand for a $300 million renovation of KeyArena before the NBA will consider a return to Seattle. And he added that it must be funded in the next 18 months. Then, and only then, Stern says, the NBA will keep Seattle “informed” if there is a sale of a team, a relocation of a team or an expansion team.

Mayor Nickels will use the statement to defend his settlement, but that will be its only meaningful use.

Nickels is a gasbag who allowed himself to get played by Bennett, the Assbucket of the Year, while Stern, the main asskisser in this low-rent tragedy continues to pillory Seattle for not ponying up the requisite blackmail money.

There is NO ONE in this drama worth rooting for.

And more, really good stuff, from JA Adande, who is in a fine state of piss-off, while saying all the right things.

Henry Abbot.



1. bayareasportsguru - July 2, 2008

I feel bad for Seattle. They should have done something to keep them there.

2. demolition65 - July 2, 2008

This leads into another, longer post I want to write about how sports team owners are beginning to hold their teams hostage against the local city ito blackmail them into financing new stadiums via the taxpayer. The City, (NOT a place I want to live again, btw. They have generally moronic leadership, but I DO agree with them that they should not be allowed to be dominance played by assbucket owners) had ALREADY done its part in renovating Key Arena in the 90s. Now, all of a sudden, it’s this eyesore of a pit that no one wants to play in?

I call BS. Seattle already did its part. Time for Sonic ownership to do its part.

3. Mel - July 2, 2008

Keep in mind to that the Key Arena was renovated under the hand of Barry Ackerley (owner at the time) and pretty much screwed up the renovation. The Key was renovated specifically for the Sonics. It was made so there could never be any NHL or Figure Skating events or any other type of sport for that matter. Someone needs to get on good ole Ackerley’s back about this. Maybe that 75 million in funds Seattle needs now!

We have an arena now made solely for basketball and now very little basket ball. Go Storm!

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