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The Seattle Cavaliers? July 24, 2008

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A very funny post by the boys at Money Shot.

Long story short:  Cav’s fail to retain King James.  LeBron bolts, followed by 30-win season and many empty Cleveland seats.  Stern then steps in in an effort to save his boo-foo buddy good friend Clay Bennett $30 million and arranges for the Cavs to move to Seattle.

Frankly, not an implausible scenario, but I’d rather not see the heart ripped out of Cleveland, and would much rather see King James retire a lifetime Cavalier.

Not a key quote, but damned funny:

Let’s start from the top. We all know that David Stern (best picture ever) permitted Clay Bennett (sack of goat feces) to buy the Sonics eventhough he had the full intention of moving the team to Texas’s Hat.

On top of that, did you hear how longtime Sonic announcer Kevin Calabro told Bennett to f-off? He’s staying in Seattle to broadcast Sounder soccer (a very difficult task.  Soccer is fun to watch but B-O-R-I-N-G to listen to on the radio.  That tells you how much Calabro loves Seattle and loathes Bennett).

Calabro told Seattle P-I columnist Jim Moore in a July 9 article that the team formerly known as the Sonics, now reportedly called the Oklahoma City Thunder, offered him a job in their new home.

He said the basketball team offered “top, top dollar,” but Calabro is too happy in the Pacific Northwest.

I’d like to see a fight-to-the-death wrestling match between Paul Myers and Clay Assface Bennett.



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