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President Hope Change Defines Sin August 11, 2008

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Liberal Hypocrisy, Mechanistic Relativism, Politics.

From the FirstThings blog, via Mark Shea:

From the Westminster Shorter Catechism:
Q. 14. What is sin? A. Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God.

From the Baltimore Catechism:
Q. 278. What is actual sin? A. Actual sin is any willful thought, word, deed, or omission contrary to the law of God.

From Senator Obama:
Q. Do you believe in sin?
Q. What is sin?
OBAMA: Being out of alignment with my values.

Not that there is anything to the chatter about Senator Obama’s “Messiah complex,” mind you.

Mark finds this funny.  I do not, though I usually agree with Mark.  This is a classic example of why this inexperienced, silly little Illinoisan should NOT be President.

He now gets to define right and wrong, all on his own.  God help us all if he is elected.



1. Ed Darrell - August 16, 2008

Of course, if one accepts those two catechisms, then being out of alignment with the values one has expressed is, indeed, sin.

Don’t mock a man’s values without thinking through what it is you’re doing.

2. demolition65 - August 16, 2008

What ARE those values? Is he willing to explain them? Until then, it is easy – and probably valid – to deride a candidate who appears to shoulder the power of God upon himself.

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