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Continuum of Intelligence, as measured by religion October 21, 2009

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Baseline stupid:  Cradle religionists, maintaining their religion because it was what they were taught.

Just a hair above baseline: Fundamentalist atheists of the PZ Myers ilk, who KNOW religion is wrong, just because they know.  This quote from babbling London Times idiot Matthew Parris encapsulates such de fide idiocy:

“But how can you be sure?” Oh boy, am I sure. Oh great quivering mountains of pious mumbo-jumbo, am I sure. Oh fathomless oceans of sanctified babble, am I sure. Words cannot express my confidence in the answer to the question whether God cured a nun because she wrote a Pope’s name down. He didn’t.”

No reason provided, just a series of ad hominem faith claims with no support whatsoever.

Two steps up from baseline.  Ignorant, but admitting it:  Agnosticism. Admitting that you really don’t have a clue.  The first step to real knowledge is admitting you know nothing.

First signs of intelligence beyond honest ignorance:  Moving beyond ignorance and just into the realm of real rationalism, atheism based on logic. The only real logic to get behind is based on the problem of evil.  But at least a rational -if incomplete- REASON for the lack of God is present.

Then we move into rbthe rational understanding that the order of the universe requires a power greater than our own.  This is fully realized intelligence; acknowledgement of a higher power.  It need not be the Judeo-Christian God, but it’s a start.

If one has embraced genuine, rational intelligence, then the route towards the One God can take place.  Arguments in favor of Judaism of Christiantity, in my mind, become muddled here. . .but it’s a damned far cry from the pathetic first two states outlined in this little list.