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Attention: Pharyngulite Plonk Miners February 7, 2008

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Why do you keep looking in here?  Everyday, my little stat monitor keeps telling me that a handful of you poke you little noses in here everyday.


Assuming you are part of Myers’ Sycophantic Horde (MSH, pat. pend), you already have the kool-aid truth as you would have it for your libations regularly.  Near as I can tell (I’m spending less and less time there myself.  The theme never varies, it has no beat, and you cannot dance to it) neither his lessons nor his tiresome pedagogy have altered one iota.  He still has utter faith in the fact that faith serves no purpose in the pursuit of truth.

Which is highly ironic, if you can actually take a moment to consider it.

Now there are only two sorts of people who think Scripture is supposed to be The Big Book of Everything: New Atheists and Fundamentalists (who are more alike than either realizes).

(That last courtesy of Mark Shea.  I suggest you check it out.  Helps get the taste of bad Kool-Aid out of your mouth)

The above quote gives a small indication of the irony.  The Prophet Myers is loaded with faith.  And he encourages His Horde to have that same faith.

And since your local faith claims that I am an idiot, why keep looking in here?


Atheist makes huge donation to NY Catholic Schools May 25, 2007

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May 23 (Bloomberg) — Philanthropist and retired hedge-fund manager Robert W. Wilson said he is giving $22.5 million to the Archdiocese of New York to fund a scholarship program for needy inner-city students attending Roman Catholic schools.

Wilson, 80, said in a phone interview today that although he is an atheist, he has no problem donating money to a fund linked to Catholic schools.

“Let’s face it, without the Roman Catholic Church, there would be no Western civilization,” Wilson said. “Shunning religious organizations would be abhorrent. Keep in mind, I’m helping to pay tuition. The money isn’t going directly to the schools.”

Wilson’s donation is the largest the archdiocese has ever received. The money will be used to fund the Cardinal’s Scholarship Program, which was started in 2005 to give disadvantaged students attending the archdiocese’s inner-city schools partial or full tuition grants, Jacqueline LoFaro, the archdiocese’s associate superintendent of schools, said in a phone interview today.

“It was a chance for a very modest amount of money to get kids out of a lousy school system and into a good school system,” Wilson said.

Apparently, the man is a walking contradiction. He is atheist, yet fails to hew the Party Dawkobot Line that All of Christianity is Forever Evil and Contributed Nothing to Civilization. I expect Myers will rescind Wilson’s membership in the Almighty Church of the Great Dawkins any day now.

For future use in the refutation of the Kraken and other idiots May 3, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, the inimitable Mark Shea:

Shallow, Materialist, Consumerist Members of Generation Narcissus Pretend to Embrace Buddhism

I’ll bet the Dalai Lama is driven crazy by these people. This is the man who observed that the West will always be Christian. He didn’t mean “devout”. He meant that even in apostasy, it is *Christianity* from which the West apostasizes. The rankest atheist in the West owes almost all his basic thought categories–from the notion that being a self is good to the notion that freedom is real and good to the notion that desire and property and attachments to real Good is good–to the Christian tradition. The Christian philosophical and theological tradition affords him all the arms he uses in his revolt. And so, we find shallow Baby Boomers adopting Buddhism because it suits their individual preferences, oblivious to the fact that the whole point of Buddhism is the extinction of desire and of the self.

These people aren’t Buddhists. They’re just apostates who have chosen a particularly stupid way to try to hide from God.

I post this for my own future uses, esp. in the classroom. Mark, if you are offended by moe copying the whole post, drop a comment and I’ll find some other way.

An absolute, fricking MUST READ from Mark Shea April 13, 2007

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. . .only because I spend so much time doing the Don Quixote in here to the Pharyngulite/Kraken windmill, this post requires studious attention from (limited) admirers and (probably even more limited) critics.

Shea hits the nail on the head -as usual-: (more…)

Well, by golly, that does it. April 10, 2007

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I must now join forces with the Atheists. A Brit atheist has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my faith -and my reason- have bene duped all these years.

Yes, the inimitable logic of Myers, Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Stenger have finally been diluted down to a basic formula that even the simple-minded like me can grasp, and it repudiates in all possible forms the delusion of religious faith. (more…)

Sam Harris now taken out to the woodshed. . . March 19, 2007

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. . .by the Anchoress (who else?). (UPDATE BELOW)

Reporting from the land of Dementia as written by Fred Phelps March 4, 2007

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By comparison, it is very small, and I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story.

I was trapped on an overpass for over 15 minutes, as a very long stream of motorcyclists, most sporting US flags, droned in from to south to do battle with the Phelps Force of Foolishness.

From the same vantage, you could see this large flag flown suspended over two firetruck cranes.

Once I got in, you could see the vast forest of motorcycles parked, their owners now standing with their backs to the Phelpian Fools.

And the Phelpian Fools themselves? There were four of them, looking rather pathetic across the busy street.

This fellow had signs he changed every five seconds, and chanted weirdness while he was doing it.

The next is the best shot I got of a very weird sign: “You will eat your children.”

Easily the most depressing sign of the day; this forlorn girl with her hate-filled signs, while behind her the idiot local press are interviewing the quackhounds, giving them the publicuty they crave.

Meanwhile, dozens of counter-protesters continue to gather on the other side of the street.

Even some of my students showed up.

Meanwhile, the mourners file in over 600 feet away, completely shielded from the Phelpian Fools.

The pictures don’t capture how a large portion of the local community turned out in response to the hatred fomented by Phelps and his Fools.

It was a relief to see so many people out in force against Phelps.

Myers has more in common with Phelps than he thinks. . .the main differences are that Myers gives an appearance of rational thought, while Phelps is up front completely around the bend, and Myers stops just short of advocating for the public suppression of religion. . .but he comes damned close.

Guess he’s afraid of being lumped together with another brainless demagogue.

When Hate Comes to Town. . .or, Fred Phelps is all the things he claims to hate March 2, 2007

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For those of you who have not heard the name, Phelps is the deranged “pastor” of the Westboro “Baptist Church” of Topeka, Kansas. This is the crazed homobigot who dashes about the Republic, protesting at the funerals of grieving survivors of victims of the Iraq War, claiming that the deaths of these soldiers are due to the fact that the US continues to allow the “menace” of homosexuality to exist within its borders.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am no apologist for homosexual behavior. But know this: If I had to choose between spending an evening over dinner with my longtime -and recently quiescent- adversary and very voluble homosexual apologist GodofBiscuits and the utterly loathesome Phelps, I would pick Biscuits in a heartbeat; every day of the week and twice on Sundays.


Why I don’t write Christmas thank-you letters February 28, 2007

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OPENING CAVEAT: I know the title sounds curmedgeonly, and the first few paragraphs opening this post will certainly it sound like a huge “Oh, woe is me” post. Trust me. It isn’t. Bear with me, I hope to make it pay off.


Mark Shea strafes the Atheist Materialist stronghold. . . February 14, 2007

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. . with absolutely deft yet powerful logic bombs.

Sadly, there is yet no “smart” bomb that can penetrate the minds of the willfully hidebound.

I am thinking of making his post required reading for my apologetics class.