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Book-sorting according to Amanda the Berserk August 10, 2008

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Previous articles outlining her pathological idiocy.


Nothing like a good, old-fashioned generality to fire up your day April 14, 2008

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Those brainless f***buckets at Pharyngula and Pandagon are at it again.

PZ, on the Texas, FLDS nightmare:

Here, let me ruin your morning, just in case you hadn’t already heard the story of this raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


I think “fundamentalist” has become a synonym for “misogynistic pedophile”.

/Irony/ Nope. No generalities here. /Irony

What an asshole. Yes. In the cosmology of Herr Doktor Myers, if one is a “conservative” Christian, one therefore must:

  1. Hate women, and
  2. Have deep urges to mate with younger members of the species.

Well, last I checked, being a conservative Catholic (note: Quick test to determine this. If you think Pope Benedict is mostly a good guy and the idea of Catholic universities ought to, well, you know, teach basic Catholic doctrine, you too are a conservative Catholic) means I’m a conservative Christian.

In PZ’s book, that means I’m a “fundie.”

Which then means I must hate women and lust after kids.

I’ll say it again: What an asshole.

As for my misogyny, ask my co-workers, who for nearly 20 years have been women. Ask my wife. I doubt highly any of them will suggest that I am a misogynist.

As for my incipient pedophilia according to Herr Doktor Myers, bad news. Almost 18 years working with kids grade K-12, and you know what? I’ve managed to keep my hands off of ALL of them.

It’s easy, really. The very concept of pedophilia frankly grosses me out. Besides that , I still lust after my wife, and that keeps me fully occupied, thank you very much. Perhaps Herr Doktor Myers knows something about Jimmy Carter’s “lusting in the heart” that I do not. But I don’t want the details if he does.

But I must then be a liberal. Herr Doktor Myers’ theory demands that this be so.

Hmm. Fucked up in the basic computations, Herr Doktor. Back to the fantasyland mill drawing board.

Meanwhile, there is Amanda the Berserk:

like all the other little empires Warren Jeffs has built, it’s a religious patriarchy taken to its logical conclusion, i.e. built around the practice of raping underage girls. (bold by ed)

So, I guess the Pope all along has been lusting in his heart to build little compounds to rape little girls. What absolute fever-swamp idiocy.

She blathers on:

Considering that atheists supposedly have our own fundamentalists, I’m sure any day now we’ll find out that Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are running rape farms where they swap daughters with their friends because Darwin told them they have a right.

Frankly, I would not normally expect this of Dawkins and Harris, but I would not at all be surprised that some of the more lunatic fringe of their particular stripe in fact WOULD think that is a good idea. In fact, some already do.

But the question that PZ raises—why does it always come back to misogyny and pedophilia with religious nuts who push it too far?

PZ didn’t raise a question, Sister Moonbat. He was talking out of his ass. I think he was about 50% serious when he wrote that. You of course take it all too seriously.

Now, of course, most fundie Christians don’t slide towards polygamy, because there are laws and rules and restrictions against it.




SHE can make it appear my “misogyny” is being raised, though the fact is, I don’t hate women.

I just loathe Amanda Marcotte. If she were male, I’d be just as outraged.

It’s not the rules that forces most people -conservative or liberal, whomever- to avoid pedophilia; it’s the fact that the very idea of it is repugnant. This is especially true for conservatives. I wonder how many members of NAMBLA, who are fighting to legalize pedophilia, are registered Democrats, good, “free-thinking” liberals who desire to legalize what is deep in the hearts of all sex-sodden Democrats.

See how much fun generalities can be, you two morons?

The final irony to this is the fact that Amanda subtitles her little moronicy as part of the “Sunday Freethinker Sermon”.

Free-thinking my blue ass.

UPDATE: Then PZ, the absolute barking-mad asshole, berates some poor old guy who demolished two Porsches.

Total damage: £60,000.

So what does the senile twit say afterwards? You guessed it:

It was a miracle I got out alive and I put it down to the power of prayer and God looking after me.

Why was he praying to wreak havoc on expensive German cars?

Cars (at least Porsches, good. Old men with bad driving skills who invoke God? Bad. Myers? Asshat of the first water).

See, I haven’t read the dolt for weeks. Amanda links to him, I see what foolishness he is raving about now, and again, I go off the end.

Bastard is bad for my health.

The Rumble I would pay to see. . . April 7, 2008

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. . .would have the generally awesome Rachel Lucas in one corner and the pestiferous, pathological Amanda Marcotte in the other.  I really think Lucas would -in some combination- beat the living physical shit out of Marcotte and destroy Marcotte’s arguments.

Couldn’t say which would come first, though.

Lucas on abortion:

But the second reason I see abortion as anathema to how I want to live my life shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s read this site for long: personal responsibility. To me, the vast majority of abortions (in the U.S., that’s all I’m talking about here) are a direct result of an utter failure to behave in a rational, responsible, thoughtful fashion.

If you don’t want to be pregnant, then don’t get pregnant.


a whole LOT of abortions are done on grown women who are not in poverty, who weren’t raped, and who have no medical contraindications to pregnancy. They just don’t want to be pregnant.


I had a college friend who told me that the reason she was having her SECOND abortion was because the pill was too much of a pain in the ass to take every day at the same time. So, abortions aren’t a pain in the ass? Is that a fact? Going to a doctor, getting sedated and anesthetized, getting up on a table, having that doctor put a vacuum into your uterus to suck out everything inside, and enduring physical pain for hours or days afterward, is easier than shoving a pill in your mouth every day at the same time? Easier than making your man wear a condom covered in spermicide while you use a diaphragm? A monkey could do it. I told her that. She said, “Actually, yes, I’d rather get an abortion once a year than take the pill every day.” There are people who simply don’t think abortion is any different from birth control.

And then. there’s this:

You have to give up the idea that anyone who’s opposed to abortion is just being an oppressive misogynist dickhead because that is patently untrue in most cases. Like I said about Planned Parenthood, only the most obnoxious assholes make the news. Most pro-lifers, when it comes down it, are simply horrified at the idea of destroying a baby, even if it is inside a woman who doesn’t want it. And yeah, you can say, “Well then they should be lining up to adopt those babies!” My answer to that is, bullshit. It’s not their fault the unwanted baby exists in the first place. Just because someone doesn’t want a baby to die, which is a perfectly acceptable way to feel, doesn’t mean they should feel obligated to raise that baby as their own.

Now, Rachel is a fan of Planned Parenthood -as far as contraception goes- and she and I would part ways in terms of agreement at that point.  But dammit, she’srational, so much moreso where Marcotte is just rigidly crazy in her berserk, mondo 3rd-wave feminism.

No. Fricking. Clue. February 29, 2008

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None.  There IS a hope for some type of consistency, but it ain’t morals.


And I’m absolutely f****** (edited by siteowner) sick of talk about the importance of the right to treat women who get abortions, people who fight for reproductive rights, or those who provide abortion as morally inferior. I’d take the moral superiority of an abortion doctor who crawls through a pile of often gun-wielding protesters to help desperate women any day over someone who runs around saying we need to pander to people who are uneasy with women’s rights. Their churchiness has nothing to do with it.

So, while she and the rest of the moonbats are babbling that pro-lifers stop caring about the fetus once it’s born, SHE shows their absolute amoral purity by saying that they stop caring about the woman once she has killed her own kid.  The abortion doctor who kills the kid is the height of moral purity.

Absolutely incredible.  At least pro-lifers have the moral consistency to CARE about the baby being actually born AND cares about the woman after she kills her own kid.

Mandy, she simply disregards the kid and sells the aborting mother down the river once she’s done her part in adding to Moloch’s Blizzard of Blood.

It is consistent, OK.  Absolutely consistent Amorality.

(The link to the original nightmare article is not posted right now because WordPress is having a wino attack.  I’ll try again later).

Wow. WHAT are they smoking over at Mandy’s Place? February 26, 2008

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It is just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

The basic premise of this article -that McCain will be difficult for the Evil Party to beat in November- is correct. But for all -I mean ALL- the wrong reasons.

But what we must absolutely remember is that even though political junkie liberals see McCain for the phony, war-mongering, woman-hating, lobbyist-loving, K-Street sellout that he is, there’s no reason to think that our accurate perception is shared.

THAT’S an accurate perception? Well, then. Let’s see what other hallucinations Mandy the Berserk is serving up tonight.

. . .we just hope that he looks so tired and worn out that people pick the vibrant, youthful-looking Democrat against him, which describes both candidates in the contest.

To quote Harlan Ellison, “you’ve got to be pulling my gotkes.” I’ll freely admit that Obama is vibrant and youthful; that’s part of his charm, as well as his ability to present himself as a Rorschach inkblot for all dissatisfied American voters to then project their own wishful thinking desires upon him, and he becomes All Things for All Voters.

Which is a carny-barker scam of the first water. . .but that is also all beside the point. How in HELL can Mandy call this:

. . .”vibrant and youthful”?

Moving on to the next Clozapine symptom:

all these things put together are often no match for a mainstream media that openly campaigns for the Republican.




And Gore won anyway. He didn’t win enough to keep the Republicans from stealing it, no, but a few things have changed since that dark election 8 years ago.

Good God almighty. This ancient tripe. The way Democrats win close elections is to count and re-count the votes until they get the result theywant, then end any further re-counts.  It worked in Washington State. It damned near worked in 2000 on the national level. Not that Bush is my all-time favorite president. but he’s a DAMNED sight better than the Bloviator, and dammit, he won honestly.

In the aftermath of the election, independent recounts were conducted by The Miami Herald and USA Today, concluding that Bush would have won in all legally requested recount scenarios. . .

Move the f*** on, you deranged cow.

We have the blogs.

Frankly, I’m not so sure of that. And even if it IS true, do you think that laying claim to some hundred thousand people who sit on their cans all day reading other people’s writing is going to make THAT much of a difference? Face facts, people. The value of Kos, DU and their ilk is going to lessen significantly once the conventions are over. At that point, all the people they can call over to their side will already be there; their only hope to dissuade potential McCain voters, none of whom will be reading that deranged moonbattery anyway.

Just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

Pick one, Amanda, just one. January 26, 2008

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My gog, this woman’s writing. Her knee-jerk compulsive feminism cannot allow her a moment’s peace, and it is now getting in the way of what little consistency might be found in her blatherings.

Case in point: An article deriding the tendency of some men to grope women when in close quarters. A wretched behavior, to be sure. Overall, I can’t say that I disagree with her general point, but her reflexive hatred of men keeps fouling the narrative.

On the one hand, gropers are recognized as a problem and dealt with accordingly. In Mexico City and Japan, this means female-only busses:

while the idea of the female-only trains and buses that have been built in Mexico City and Japan in response to the amount of harassment women get on the integrated trains frustrates my non-segregationist heart, it would be hard to pass up the female-only bus if given a choice in an atmosphere where I know that groping is on the way.

I can’t blame Marcotte for a moment. There is the possible canard of suggesting she is a hypocrite in functionally blessing de facto segregation. But on the other hand, if the men are going to act like pigs, then keep them on a bus meant only for pigs.

In Austin, gropers at rock concerts are supposedly forcibly ejected from the premises. And good for Austin concert security for getting rid of these creeps.

Amanda buttresses the discussion by noting that gropers do their dirt in places where there cannot be any witnesses, due to the confined nature of the space. Women in MC and Japan have had to make claims to authorities that groping took place, with no eyewitnesses. Similarly, women at Austin rock concerts complain to security, who surely did not see the groping take place, and nevertheless, they eject the cad immediately on the strength of the woman’s complaint.

No problem. Well they should, unless the woman proves (proves) to be making false report.

But Marcotte then turns it all on its head, as her reflexive man hatred flares up:

Harassers like to have the semblance of privacy before they act, to make the abuse seem unwitnessed in a world where men’s word is taken above women’s as a matter of routine.

So which is it, you silly twit? Women’s complaints are listened to, or they are routinely dismissed?

You can’t have it both ways, especially in your own article.

Amanda sticks foot in mouth, calls it tasty January 24, 2008

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The woman is truly incredible.

She first says this:

 morality is often about what we feel more than our reason,

(Where in GOD’S name did she come up with that definition?  She pulled it straight out of her outdoor orifice.)

In her case, I suppose this is true.  Floating ethics and morals make for more secure sleep, simple thinking at the expense of VERY uneasy neighbors.

Then she says this:

One thing I found amusing about the whole article is how it inverts the Christian right’s argument for their own existence, i.e. that humans are born with the stain of Original Sin and need their specific religion to wash the stain off, and without religion, people are immoral wretches.

Whatever.   Typical bullshit from her, but she’s free, white, 21 and a blathering idiot, she can (and does) say whatever flits through the fever swamp that passes for her brain.

Later that day, here comes this:

 Here’s why I personally don’t feel weird in the slightest about abortion:

Abortion doesn’t hurt anyone.



The eff.


I don’t want children.

Now THERE’S a big surprise!!!  Damned inconvenient, they are.  Gets in the way of her worship of the god Orgasm.

She is getting more evil by the day.

Amanda Marcotte: The Face of Evil January 18, 2008

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Money quotes:

I don’t actually think this is an issue that’s painted in shade of gray. “Shades of gray” only comes into the equation for me when actual, feeling beings are killed or forced to suffer for reasons that are understandable,* but as fetuses are unfeeling balls of flesh that have brain activity far below the sort of animals we thoughtlessly kill in animal shelters and farms every day, I find there to be no complexity. In a battle between what is still technically a feeling-free parasite on a woman’s body and a living, breathing, feeling woman, the latter wins hands down, and there’s no complexity or shades of gray there.**

Whew. Nasty, evil shit, plain and simple. Not only is this the parasite argument in its horrific splendor, but Peter Singer would marry this monstrous excuse for a woman given her explicit rejection of his specious “speciesism”.

It goes on to address the issue of the unavoidable -even for her twisted logic- of late-term abortions:

**Later term abortions are a fraction of abortions, and of those, there’s a fraction that are in the gray zone of fetal development where it might feel pain. These are undoubtably (sic) uncomfortable, but since most occur when the fetus is already dead or in literal self-defense of the woman, I still feel that there’s no reason for these abortions to be controversial.

Of course not. First, you employ the “immature nervous system/lower-than-animal/parasite argument. When you find yourself justifiably challenged on that point, simply go with the brute force approach. The mother was there first, ergo, she wins out. All the issue has to be is one of her own “mental discomfort” and the baby is literally thrown out with the bathwater, and in Marcotte’s evil cosmology, that should cause no trouble whatsoever.

The woman is a monster.

They are only controversial because anti-choicers who agitate against them lie to people by not telling them the very understandable reasons these are performed. What’s not morally gray? Lying to people to cause unnecessary suffering to others. That’s always wrong.

You’re right on one point Amanda, you trashy animal. Lying to cause unnecessary suffering IS always wrong. And YOU’RE doing the lying, saying that to abort is no issue, not a concern.

It will haunt those poor mothers for the rest of their lives.You lie to say that it should not.

Of course, if YOU ever abort, it won’t trouble you. You killed your conscience and encased the corpse in concrete years ago.

Happy trails.

Amanda for once grasps obvious, then instantly travels back to her normal state, LaLaLand. January 15, 2008

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The woman is incredible.

She cites from the NYTimes that notes veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are returning from the war struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some of them are getting violent with loved ones here at home, mistaking home troubles for serious troubles on the front and getting violent.

This is of course tragic and not at all new. PTSD has in some form or other been recognized in veterans from at least WWII, if not WWI, and no foreign conflict has been free of victims of this disorder. Couple this with the pathetic state of care provided by the VA nowadays, and you have the makings of a sad state of affairs.

But it is not new, and so long as there are many humans on this earth, there will be sin, war, fighting, death, fear and PTSD.

Now I am sure that the NYTimes will spin this issue on its head. Here is Amanda’s psychotic take on it:

There’s not much to say to this.

Now if, for once in her addled, feverish life, stop there, all would be well and good. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this.

But no, she has to go on.


I just recommend reading the entire article. It’s pathetic how this country managed to completely forget the long-term, widespread devastation war brings back home, and now that we’re deep in this shit, it’s too late for take-backs.

Honey, we have NEVER faced this issue well. All we do is fight, and once the fight is over, we try to get on with our lives. It is not right, OK, but it is how we deal with things.

At this point, it is still not to late for her to retrieve some sense of rationality, if she again, would simply SHUT THE HELL UP.

Asking too much.

And we’ll probably forget it again next time someone’s rattling the saber and everyone’s waving flags and right wingers are starting blogs, sure that this war is going to be the one that makes them forget the anxiety that’s plagued them ever since they made the mistake of dropping their pants and pulling out their rulers.

And there we have it once again, ladies and gentlemen. The patriarchy is -again- the architect of all evil.

The woman is deranged.

Shorter Pandagon January 3, 2008

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via DarleenClick.