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Modern Scientific Atheists: Children with superior motor control, that’s all. June 19, 2008

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On the left, Richard Dawkins. On the right, PZ Myers (picture brought to you from the Sixth Circle of Dante’s Inferno.)

(They are) curiously limited. (They are) mechanic(s) of the brain. (They have) cut it to pieces with (their) scalpels and found no soul. Therefore there is none. Like the Russian astronauts who circled the earth and did not see God. It is the empiricism of the mechanic, and a mechanic is only a child with superior motor control.

-Dr. Sam Weizak from Stephen King’s Dead Zone.


Nothing like a good, old-fashioned generality to fire up your day April 14, 2008

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Those brainless f***buckets at Pharyngula and Pandagon are at it again.

PZ, on the Texas, FLDS nightmare:

Here, let me ruin your morning, just in case you hadn’t already heard the story of this raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


I think “fundamentalist” has become a synonym for “misogynistic pedophile”.

/Irony/ Nope. No generalities here. /Irony

What an asshole. Yes. In the cosmology of Herr Doktor Myers, if one is a “conservative” Christian, one therefore must:

  1. Hate women, and
  2. Have deep urges to mate with younger members of the species.

Well, last I checked, being a conservative Catholic (note: Quick test to determine this. If you think Pope Benedict is mostly a good guy and the idea of Catholic universities ought to, well, you know, teach basic Catholic doctrine, you too are a conservative Catholic) means I’m a conservative Christian.

In PZ’s book, that means I’m a “fundie.”

Which then means I must hate women and lust after kids.

I’ll say it again: What an asshole.

As for my misogyny, ask my co-workers, who for nearly 20 years have been women. Ask my wife. I doubt highly any of them will suggest that I am a misogynist.

As for my incipient pedophilia according to Herr Doktor Myers, bad news. Almost 18 years working with kids grade K-12, and you know what? I’ve managed to keep my hands off of ALL of them.

It’s easy, really. The very concept of pedophilia frankly grosses me out. Besides that , I still lust after my wife, and that keeps me fully occupied, thank you very much. Perhaps Herr Doktor Myers knows something about Jimmy Carter’s “lusting in the heart” that I do not. But I don’t want the details if he does.

But I must then be a liberal. Herr Doktor Myers’ theory demands that this be so.

Hmm. Fucked up in the basic computations, Herr Doktor. Back to the fantasyland mill drawing board.

Meanwhile, there is Amanda the Berserk:

like all the other little empires Warren Jeffs has built, it’s a religious patriarchy taken to its logical conclusion, i.e. built around the practice of raping underage girls. (bold by ed)

So, I guess the Pope all along has been lusting in his heart to build little compounds to rape little girls. What absolute fever-swamp idiocy.

She blathers on:

Considering that atheists supposedly have our own fundamentalists, I’m sure any day now we’ll find out that Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are running rape farms where they swap daughters with their friends because Darwin told them they have a right.

Frankly, I would not normally expect this of Dawkins and Harris, but I would not at all be surprised that some of the more lunatic fringe of their particular stripe in fact WOULD think that is a good idea. In fact, some already do.

But the question that PZ raises—why does it always come back to misogyny and pedophilia with religious nuts who push it too far?

PZ didn’t raise a question, Sister Moonbat. He was talking out of his ass. I think he was about 50% serious when he wrote that. You of course take it all too seriously.

Now, of course, most fundie Christians don’t slide towards polygamy, because there are laws and rules and restrictions against it.




SHE can make it appear my “misogyny” is being raised, though the fact is, I don’t hate women.

I just loathe Amanda Marcotte. If she were male, I’d be just as outraged.

It’s not the rules that forces most people -conservative or liberal, whomever- to avoid pedophilia; it’s the fact that the very idea of it is repugnant. This is especially true for conservatives. I wonder how many members of NAMBLA, who are fighting to legalize pedophilia, are registered Democrats, good, “free-thinking” liberals who desire to legalize what is deep in the hearts of all sex-sodden Democrats.

See how much fun generalities can be, you two morons?

The final irony to this is the fact that Amanda subtitles her little moronicy as part of the “Sunday Freethinker Sermon”.

Free-thinking my blue ass.

UPDATE: Then PZ, the absolute barking-mad asshole, berates some poor old guy who demolished two Porsches.

Total damage: £60,000.

So what does the senile twit say afterwards? You guessed it:

It was a miracle I got out alive and I put it down to the power of prayer and God looking after me.

Why was he praying to wreak havoc on expensive German cars?

Cars (at least Porsches, good. Old men with bad driving skills who invoke God? Bad. Myers? Asshat of the first water).

See, I haven’t read the dolt for weeks. Amanda links to him, I see what foolishness he is raving about now, and again, I go off the end.

Bastard is bad for my health.

Damned funny April 7, 2008

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I mean, gut-bustingly so.

But here’s the funny part:  It is Pythonesque in its approach.  Meaning, it’s poking fun at both science and religion.

Now, the ironic part is that the Brights just don’t get what it’s really about.

Look, you fools, go re-watch the first part of the video, before the rap.  You clowns are being schooled.  The rap then schools both camps.

Mark Shea has a great takedown on this.

If I could find a way to host videos on this blog, this is the first one I’d put up.  It’s devastating.

Dry as Dust Lecturing February 19, 2008

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(An unfinished bit I wrote some months ago.  I decided to publish it as is, with the understanding that it will remain unfinished.)

God help the biology students at University of Minnesota-Morris. I have heard the dreaded PZ Myers lecture. Christians of the US may rest easy. The man reaches a lot of people by his idiot blog, but once you hear him speak for real, boredom and ennui rapifly settle in. The one thing that kept me going was his occasional non sequitur bleats about how there are no angels to be found in the neuro-electrical activity of the brain.

This stimulates a form of interest, the same sort that might come about after been having trapped by the resident party bore, having cornered you and droned on uninterrupted for 20 minutes about the technical aspects of his exceedingly dreary job, thereby causing you to unfocus and begin daydreaming about maybe falling asleep in front of a TV documentary on catfish harvesting; when suddenly the party bore breaks out with an previously unsuspected case of Tourette’s, cursing the hostess at the top of his lungs and loudly proclaiming her deviant sexual practices. The usual response in such a situation would be the classic, “WTF???? Where did that come from?” So too it is PZ Myers. Droningly dull blather, punctuated by the occasional, completely un-related WTF moments.

Here, in Part 1 of a talk entitled “There Are No Ghosts in Your Brain”, Myers goes on at great length, though in relatively simplistic fashion, about the basics of neurophysiology; detailing the micro-neurophysiology of neuron function, and the macro-neurophysiology of brain mapping. In between, he briefly concedes that the ground between the micro- and macro-neurophysiology, exactly how these millions upon millions of neuronal pulses leads to motor control, sensory management and manifestation of the personality. It’s really a standard primer lecture on intro to neuroscience for the layman with no previous exposure to the subject. If you can get past his enormously boring lecturing voice, I suppose it serves the purpose. There is no doubt that Myers has a firm grasp of the science involved.

But the Tourette’s style, WTF moments come right after he gets done detailing the micro-neurophysiology, and again after outlining the macro-neurophysiology. In both cases, he then mutters, apropos of nothing, “See? There are no angels to be found here. It can all be explained through materialistic means.”

Why would we expect there to be angels involved there?

(It pays to keep in mind that he is addressing a meeting of the Minnesota Atheists; and his expectation is to prove through his lecture on neuroscience that there is no God. He has a audience loaded with sycophants who will nod vigorously at everything he says; at both his solidly grounded science and at his outre, bullshit ventings about how this proves there is no God.)

There is no expectation from Catholics, at any rate, that minute examinations within neuroscience would show angels dancing on the head of a dendrite. Yet PZ, in his demented exclamation that there is no God, claims that the failure of finding the angel where we would never expect to see it anyway proves there is no God.

He then goes on in his smartass fashion to suggest that the materialistic method as espoused by scientists is doing a much better job of understanding the brain than your neighborhood minister.

No kidding? To me, this is akin to suggesting that the local cook has been doing a much better job at processing, preparing and serving food than your local scientist. I should hope so. But this means that I then denigrate the scientist for not succeeding in managing food?

Attention: Pharyngulite Plonk Miners February 7, 2008

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Why do you keep looking in here?  Everyday, my little stat monitor keeps telling me that a handful of you poke you little noses in here everyday.


Assuming you are part of Myers’ Sycophantic Horde (MSH, pat. pend), you already have the kool-aid truth as you would have it for your libations regularly.  Near as I can tell (I’m spending less and less time there myself.  The theme never varies, it has no beat, and you cannot dance to it) neither his lessons nor his tiresome pedagogy have altered one iota.  He still has utter faith in the fact that faith serves no purpose in the pursuit of truth.

Which is highly ironic, if you can actually take a moment to consider it.

Now there are only two sorts of people who think Scripture is supposed to be The Big Book of Everything: New Atheists and Fundamentalists (who are more alike than either realizes).

(That last courtesy of Mark Shea.  I suggest you check it out.  Helps get the taste of bad Kool-Aid out of your mouth)

The above quote gives a small indication of the irony.  The Prophet Myers is loaded with faith.  And he encourages His Horde to have that same faith.

And since your local faith claims that I am an idiot, why keep looking in here?

Shorter Myers January 12, 2008

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“Biology isn’t what YOU say it is, it is what I say it is.”

Biology does not advocate killing the stupid and weak; it does not preach some kind of objective superiority of one class of people over another; it merely describes what happens in the natural world.

Um, right. It describes the eventual destruction of the stupid and the weak, and illustrates a cosmos where there is no room for compassion.

But nevermind all that. The Prophet Myers has spoken. If he tells you that Natural Selection favors compassion, then you better believe him.

Have faith in the Prophet Myers.

Ewwwww. . . . September 1, 2007

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from the pages of Lunacy R Us Pharyngula:

Still, I think if my Trophy Wife™ and I were in the mood next time we were traveling and found a quiet place in the airport to get wild together, the airport police would have legitimate grounds for arresting and fining us for inappropriate behavior.

Now FIRST of all, I have the “Trophy Wife™”, I’m doubtful about him; not least because of evidence such as this:

(We’re going with the back-profile, as a full frontal picture may result in a damaged keyboard once you’re done vomiting.)

This sort of creature has a trophy wife?  (in fairness, I am a schlub, and have a beautiful wife, but I’m better looking and generally smarter than this guy).

But set all that aside.  Look at that picture again, and juxtapose it with this phrase:

 if my Trophy Wife™ and I were (to find) a quiet place in the airport to get wild together. . .

Hence, the title of this post.

In which the tribulations of Myers should have me absolutely shivering with glee. . . August 21, 2007

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. . .but alas, they do not.

Noted blogtwit PZ Myers is being sued by a wealthy New York businessman, Stuart Pivar. Seems that Pivar wrote a book some time ago that Myers savagely trashed not once but twice. Pivar claims that Myers descended into malicious libel, claiming that PZ called Pivar a “crackpot”. (Pot, meet kettle. . .)

Now, Myers is not helping himself, as he is opening his mouth again while being sued, commenting on material relevant to the suit (bad,bad idea):

Since I’m a blogger, though, I can’t completely shut up (we’ve known this for some time -Admin). I will just say that this is Pivar’s attempt to squash a negative review of his book, which I posted here. Nothing in the review was motivated by personal malice, and I actually am inclined to favor structuralist arguments in evolution … but I’m afraid my honest assessment of Pivar’s work is that it does not support his conclusions. I still stand by my review, and now I’m a bit disturbed that someone would think criticism of a scientific hypothesis must be defended by silencing its critics.

The man simply does not know when to shut his foaming gob.  Even his noted (and often rational) sycophant Blake Stacey is telling Myers to be quiet.

 Prof. Myers’ wisest course of action may be to “shut up,”

Indeed.  But something deep inside me tells me that he is too stubborn and stupid to do so.

All that said, and much as I take non-Christian delight in seeing Myers squirm. . .

I am going to have to go out on the ramparts and state that Pivar’s suit appears to be badly formulated, frivolous and counter-productive. I have three large objections:

  • Pivar has named Seed magazine as a co-defendant, apparently for giving Myers his forum at Pharyngula. I hate to see Seed penalized, as it also sponsors such goodness as Cognitive Daily. Just because Myers is an idiot doesn’t mean that all of his fellow sciencebloggers are likewise idiots.
  • There’s damn little room for a claim of libel here. Myers is certainly malicious in much of what he says, but it is damned near impossible to prove that what he foams on about in Pharyngula as being libelous from a legal standpoint. Additionally, Pivar is a public figure, and that fact makes it even more difficult to prove libel.
  • Finally, it appears to me that Pivar is bent out of shape because Myers didn’t like his book, and consequently is trying to silence a critic. Using the tort system to silence a critic, if successful, presents ominous overtones for the ongoing health of the First Amendment. Pivar may have a point; but this is not the way to go about arguing it.

So, much to my sadness, I have to side -however reluctantly- with PZ on this one. I would like to see that this might inject a badly and long-overdue dose of humility into PZ; but that ain’t gonna happen.

What’s worse, once this is thrown out of court, Myers will strut about with increased arrogance and self-righteousness, becoming even more unbearably pompous, if that were even possible.

Myers has feet of clay after all. . . August 3, 2007

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. . .seems there has been a fellow over there by the name of David who has similar objections to the endless sycophantism (is that a workable noun?) at Pharyngula. He has been labeled “Troll” of course and banned, cursed, ridiculed, all the usual treatment from those fundies.

(There was one response to David’s commentary I found useful. Something to the effect of, “Why do you insist on fishing in waters that you KNOW are not going to yield much of anything other than aggravation?” Quite.)

But then PZ posted David’s work e-mail, publicly.

You need to read the comment strand at this thread.

Hmm… apparently there are some loose ends.

1. Thanks for posting my e-mail PZ. I appreciate that.

2. Stephen, if you want, be my guest. As I’m not a creationist, and I am not an ID’er, what science do you think I need to learn?

Posted by: David | August 3, 2007 08:21 PM

In “thanking” PZ, David is being more than a little ironic.

It seems that PZ has since removed the e-mail, though he has not apologized for his little act of techno-terrorism. (When has he ever apologized for anything?). To their credit, most of his Raving Sycophantic Horde chastised him and demanded that he remove the offending e-mail. So, props to them in showing that they actually can think for themselves.

As for Myers himself? This only further illustrates how fundamentally unpleasant he is in practice. As this quote from another post shows:

the Republican convention is in Minneapolis next summer. This disaster is not going to be corrected by then. Can we all remember to rub their noses in the debris when they come around?

That’s right, PZ. Use this terrible tragedy of a bridge collapse to score some political points.




Myers once again proves that a steady diet of bullsh!t won’t kill him July 30, 2007

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He eats crap all day long and calls it filet mignon.

I’ve seen a lot of referrals from Myers’ banned list.  I am a member of that list.  I take no pride in it, nor is there any shame.  There are some places that it is good to be banned from, like the Playboy Club.  Pharyngula is like that.

But the brute gets it wrong again:

It isn’t quite so easy to get banned at Pharyngula,

Like hell.  All you have to do is consistently go against the Party Line.  His comboxes are utterly suffused with fawning sycophants who echo every word he says.  If anyone dares challenge the Entrenched Idiocy long enough. . .well, you get sh!tcanned.

Bummer, I guess.  But I see that his foolishness has changed neither in substance or in tempo.