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Oh and by the way, Hope/Change is Black November 5, 2008

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Got it.  Don’t care.  He could be lily white and I’d still fear and loathe him.

Now for the rest of you:  HE’S BLACK.  WE KNOW.  WE DO NOT CARE.  SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!!!  Give it a rest.  Lincoln is not smiling in his grave, MLK is not turning somersaults in heaven.  We are post racial.  Get the fuck over it already.  To the extent that morons like Robert Siegel of NPR keep mooning over the fact is the extent to which we continue to perpetuate the myth that race matters.  We (the American people we, not the people who fear and loathe 100% ADA liberals we) elected an African-American.  That’s all three branches of government now (and the executive DID have Colin Powell and Condi Rice in the Bush White House. . .y’know).  So, let it rest.

Just take a deep breath and





About it already.


Apres moi, les deluge. November 4, 2008

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We are fucked.

President Hope Change.

Governor Gregoire.  Again.

Stupid fucking brainless state voted for I-1000.  BY 20 PERCENTAGE POINTS!!!!

I loathe my fellow man, which is too stupid to realize that they have elected a tyrant in Barack Obama, a crooked liar in the governor, and the incredible idiocy to vote for their own death out of convenience.

Here is what Washington looks like in four years:

Gay marriage is not only legal, but you are persecuted -and quite possibly out of a job- if you dare speak out against it.

People are being put to death –put to death– if their illness is too expensive to treat.

President Hope/Change’s regime insures that anyone who speaks out against his policies is at best wiretapped, at worst hounded out of the country, if not outright imprisoned.

They will nationalize health care, driving the standard of care so far down that the university system will become severely degraded, as scientific professsionals flee the country.

The media will be in a liberal straitjacket.  Conservative talk-radio, -nothing that I love in any form, but necessary for a free republic- will be severely constrained.

The economy will be even further in the tank.

The ONLY bright spot in this never-ending stream of electoral idiocy is that the Senate is likely to still hold the filibuster for Republicans.  That’s it.

The rest of this is a wash.  This country is populated by at least 63 million total fucking idiots who believe this liberal dingbat is the salvation of the country.

The only comfort in that?  AFter a positively DISASTROUS Bush II presidency, Hope/Change has only been able to muster 51% of the popular vote.  That is some comfort.

However, compare this with McGovern, the only other candidate to receive a 95% or more rating from the ADA, and he got slaughtered by Nixon in ’72, the same Nixon whom people hated because of an unpopular war (Vietnam) and had an economy in the tank.  Nixon won 62-38; that’s a fucking landslide.

Where are the brains of the electorate now?

The only reason to watch this year’s election is the slim hope a man’s head might explode July 1, 2008

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Seems that Obama is considering expanding the faith-based initiatives started by GW Bush. Right now, this is the ONLY thing about Obama that I can stand. I still won’t vote for the guy, though. However, what might cause me to vote for the Obamanator is the possibility of watching noted atheist moron PZ Myers’s head explode, as the committed Democrat will have to hold his nose and vote for a politician that -in terms of lip service, at least- is in favor of expanding aid to religious institutions.

He’s still proposing an expansion of Bush’s faith-based initiatives — he’s going to be handing out billions of dollars to religious organizations. It’s nice that he’s specifically saying there will be restrictions, that the money can’t be used in programs that discriminate, and it must be for secular purposes, but he’s still propping up a religious middleman between government aid and the people, and that’s a tool that will be used to proselytize indirectly, even if they don’t simply flout the rules. This is a bad idea.

Well, it’s a bad idea only when you’re an atheist nutjob who sees radical religious conspiracies under every collection plate. WHEN will this bearded blowhard come to terms with his fear of God? If he will simply admit that he is terrified that his Lutheran upbringing was possibly correct, then he can come to terms with it like a good Freudian misfit, and live his life out in fearful quiet in the wilds of Minnesota.

Ain’t likely.

So, as a consolation, I do get to see him become agitated about this Obama/faith-based initiative sop to the religious of America. Twill be amusing to watch PZ get all atwitter about this. NOTHING else at this point is worth paying attention to in this wretched election year.

Two bulldogs in a fight. . . April 23, 2008

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. . .ugly ones, at that.  That is the Democratic primary race.  What we have here are two nasty, trim and at one time in-shape bulldogs in a vicious fight-for-their-lives; the loser more or less dies.

The winner?  Gets the dubious distinction of going off into another fight, this time with a pit bull.  This pit bull may be aged, but he is battle tested (in more ways than one) and is very well rested.

Hillary is amazing.  She pretty much is single-handedly assuring that we will have a President McCain.

Then there is this Danish joke that gives a chuckling European read on this ridiculousness (from PianoGirl via Anchoress):

From a Danish associate:

“We in Denmark cannot figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election. On one side, you have a b*tch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, and a lawyer who is married to a b*tch who is a lawyer. On the other side, you have a true war hero married to a woman with a huge chest who owns a beer distributorship.

Is there a contest here?

Wow. WHAT are they smoking over at Mandy’s Place? February 26, 2008

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It is just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

The basic premise of this article -that McCain will be difficult for the Evil Party to beat in November- is correct. But for all -I mean ALL- the wrong reasons.

But what we must absolutely remember is that even though political junkie liberals see McCain for the phony, war-mongering, woman-hating, lobbyist-loving, K-Street sellout that he is, there’s no reason to think that our accurate perception is shared.

THAT’S an accurate perception? Well, then. Let’s see what other hallucinations Mandy the Berserk is serving up tonight.

. . .we just hope that he looks so tired and worn out that people pick the vibrant, youthful-looking Democrat against him, which describes both candidates in the contest.

To quote Harlan Ellison, “you’ve got to be pulling my gotkes.” I’ll freely admit that Obama is vibrant and youthful; that’s part of his charm, as well as his ability to present himself as a Rorschach inkblot for all dissatisfied American voters to then project their own wishful thinking desires upon him, and he becomes All Things for All Voters.

Which is a carny-barker scam of the first water. . .but that is also all beside the point. How in HELL can Mandy call this:

. . .”vibrant and youthful”?

Moving on to the next Clozapine symptom:

all these things put together are often no match for a mainstream media that openly campaigns for the Republican.




And Gore won anyway. He didn’t win enough to keep the Republicans from stealing it, no, but a few things have changed since that dark election 8 years ago.

Good God almighty. This ancient tripe. The way Democrats win close elections is to count and re-count the votes until they get the result theywant, then end any further re-counts.  It worked in Washington State. It damned near worked in 2000 on the national level. Not that Bush is my all-time favorite president. but he’s a DAMNED sight better than the Bloviator, and dammit, he won honestly.

In the aftermath of the election, independent recounts were conducted by The Miami Herald and USA Today, concluding that Bush would have won in all legally requested recount scenarios. . .

Move the f*** on, you deranged cow.

We have the blogs.

Frankly, I’m not so sure of that. And even if it IS true, do you think that laying claim to some hundred thousand people who sit on their cans all day reading other people’s writing is going to make THAT much of a difference? Face facts, people. The value of Kos, DU and their ilk is going to lessen significantly once the conventions are over. At that point, all the people they can call over to their side will already be there; their only hope to dissuade potential McCain voters, none of whom will be reading that deranged moonbattery anyway.

Just amazing to read some of the swill bandied about on the Far Left. It is getting more and more to be like the Freakshow at the circus.

Plus c’a change, plus ce la meme chose, political edition February 15, 2008

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In some ways, the current fascination with Obama in the Democratic party reminds me of the Messianic fervor that swept the ’68 and ’72 primaries, with McCarthy and more importantly RFK filling the roles of the Chosen One. One glaring difference between McCarthy and RFK vs. Obama is the fact that both ’68 Dems had evident themes upon which they were placing their campaigns, whereas Obama appears to be a blank slate, an open Rorshach inkblot upon which prospective voters may project whatever political desires they may wish and feel that they are in fact present. A very attractive -and dangerously deceptive- attribute for a candidate to possess.

But once Sirhan Sirhan snuffed the Impossible Dream out in Los Angeles and the nightmare that was Chicago and the DNC then ravaged the party, the Democrats were left in a state similar to the country-at-large during the depression, desperate for deliverance.

And amongst the younger -and more easily fooled- Democrats in ’72 there came the out-of-nowhere McGovern, a breath of fresh air seemingly destined to seize control of the political apparat and flush the brainless functionaries such as Muskie and Humphrey from their bastions of power, injecting new meaning into the workings of the Republic, and finally drive the gargoyle Nixon from the White House.

Coming out of Miami in the summer of ’72, after McGovern whipped the last efforts of the old party hacks to unseat him, the Democratic grassroots seemed ready to storm the country.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the White House. McGovern’s obvious appeal to younger voters in the Blue Areas of the US did no translate to a larger appeal to the more general electorate. He suddenly appeared to be “just another politician” as the Eagleton episode and his inability to properly formulate a working economic plan became permanent albatrosses around his neck.

Now in ’08, we have another “new Democrat” who is making a huge appeal to young and activist Democrats, and his grassroots-style of campaigning, very reminiscent of McGovern’s, is doing the same thing to the old Party Establishment that McGovern did to Muskie. Clinton, the heir apparent as was Muskie, was holding all the pre-election cards just as Muskie did before her, is getting her ass kicked from here to next November by a bunch of wild-eyed young punks who are lit with the fire of True Belief that their candidate is the one to lead them to the Promised Land. Again, just like Muskie and McGovern.

But like McGovern before him, Obama is going to have a very hard time making a broader appeal to those voters who are not taken in by his great charisma that is also devoid of tangible meaning.

It is this very lack of meaning that is the basis of his appeal. A Rorshach test is meaningless if the inkblots make for a clear picture. It is their very ambiguity that allows them to work as projective instruments. Obama’s own vagueness on his actual executive actions allows voters to transform him into whatever they wish.

That will change once if the guy gets elected, and fast.

But I do not think he will. There are still too many rock-ribbed pragmatists (and cynics) out there who espouse the old motto of the State of Missouri: “Show Me.” Obama cannot claim that he can show anyone anything.

In ’72, a maverick from nowhere drove the Party hacks from their perches to broker a convention and then seize the Democratic nomination. He promptly got his ass kicked in the general by what was regarded at the time as one of the least desirable of Presidents, Richard Nixon.

In ’08, it appears that yet another maverick will again drive the party hack Clintonites from their perches, either broker yet another convention or outright seize the nomination. But it is my prediction that he will also get his ass kicked by a Republican maverick in his own right, John McCain.

So long as McCain does not say anything to jeopardize himself, that is.

Mamacita sounds off on Hillary, Rick Moran on Obama January 27, 2008

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. . .this is why the Presidential election coming up has me concerned.  The ONLY candidate on any side that I felt motivated by, Fred Thompson, has pulled out (and he did a poor job of campaigning to begin with).  This leaves the Republicans with Money (Romney), defense (Giuliani) and pro-life (Huckabee) with a strange maverick in the lead with whom I agree on almost nothing (McCain).  Combine Romney’s money with Giulani’s stand on defense, Huckabee’s social conservatism and McCain’s momentum, and there you have a good candidate.

But only one of those schmoes can win at a time, and each has serious problems.  Romney stands for nothing, Giulani is a social conservative’s worst nightmare, Huckabee talks to God, and like I said, McCain is nuts.

The problem is, ONE of these fools simply MUST win in November, because the alternatives are worse.

Barack Obama (via RightWingNutHouse):

I have often referred to Obama as an empty suit. The analogy is apt because despite his obvious gifts, Obama has not fleshed out many of his basic, fundamental principles and how they would play a role in his presidency. Just what exactly does he stand for besides the vague platitudes about “hope” and “change” that pepper his speeches like little dollops of whipped cream? Where is the rock to which he tethers his beliefs?

I don’t think this is a question of intellectual laziness but rather it is a matter of not having spent enough time confronting, questioning, strengthening, and ultimately adopting in his own mind the bedrock foundation of a political philosophy. This is especially true because Obama, more than any other liberal politician in a couple of generations, really does want to re-define liberalism.

But to this point, there simply isn’t any “there” there. There are position papers. There is a nebulous appeal to some idealistic “crusade” to remake politics in America. But there is nothing behind the curtain of campaign platitudes that would lead one to believe that Obama has given any serious thought about how these concepts play into an overall framework of beliefs that he can call his own.

For this reason, at the present time, Obama would make a terrible president – beyond the fact that I believe his policies to be wrongheaded and even dangerous.

Rick has very ably captured my fundamental uneasiness with Obama.  Aside from the fact that he is a 100% ADA liberal in his voting record, “there is no  ‘there’ there.”

Then there is Hillary.  God help us all (or at least, Mamacita will help):

I could never vote for Hilary, and it’s not because of her sex. It’s because I see her as an enabler of a man whose personal life is disgusting. I see her as an enabler of a marriage that is a joke. I see her as an enabler of a man who tries to pass off his inability to keep it in his pants as a ‘disease.’ Please. I also see one/half of a couple whose values are so far removed from mine that I simply can’t accept them in any way. When I think of the Clintons, all I see is a dysfunctional family, a pack of liars, and a woman who stayed in an adulterous marriage so she could climb higher as a politician. I also see a person who supposedly represents a state in which she did not even live. This is a joke, too. Add to all this the fact that the Clintons are milking the taxpayers for all it’s worth by charging the Feds rent for the extra residence they built to house the Secret Service agents – to the tune of the equivalent of their mortgage on that million-dollar home they bought to establish residence in New York – that’s a 10,000 mortgage, folks -this means that the taxpayers are paying the Clintons’ salaries, mortgage, transportation, safety and security, and the salaries for their 12-man staff. Looking out for the common people? The Clintons don’t know what a common person is. They don’t hang out with common people. No, I don’t want either of them representing me in any way. The Clintons are a joke. Worse, they are a joke without a punch line. A never-ending build-up without any resolution. He is a grinning, selfish, horny old man, and she is a scary cackling oaf with a hard chromium finish. Both are scrambling up the political ladder on each other’s coattails, both are kicking the ladder away beneath them, and neither has a heart, or any kind of ethics other than the selfish kind.


No, I could never vote for Hilary, and I will never be able to endorse her in any way, unless she was running for National Joke, or National Bitch, or National Poster Woman for Dysfunctional Relationships, or Enabler of the Year, or some such.

God, that is beautiful writing, like Dante’s descriptions of the horrors of Hell was beautiful.  And she is dead on again in describing why the woman simply MUST NOT become President.  8 more years of Clinton will ruin this country, not to mention ossify its politics.  I could get to 28 years of married life with nothing but Bushes and Clintons in the White House.

That is not healthy for the country.  Barack isn’t either.  But Hillary herself is the kiss of death.

Audit Music August 11, 2007

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Let these folks talk about my mood today.

In no particular order:

  • Dirty Deeds-AC/DC
  • I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You-Alan Parsons
  • You Oughta Know -Alanis Morrisette
  • Pressure-Billy Joel
  • It Better End Soon (Live)-Chicago
  • You Must be Evil-Chris Rea
  • Heavy-Collective Soul
  • Knocking at Your Back Door-Deep Purple
  • Rehumanize Yourself-Police
  • The Man’s Too Strong-Dire Straits
  • Land of Confusion-Disturbed
  • Dr. Bogenbroom-Jethro Tull
  • Hang ’em High-Van Halen
  • Just a Job to Do-Genesis
  • Taxman-Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Shakin Shakin Shakes-Los Lobos
  • Psycho Killer-Talking Heads
  • Teardrop-Massive Attack
  • Wind Up-Jethro Tull
  • Enter Sandman-Metallica
  • Down with the Sickness-Disturbed
  • Extreme Ways-Moby
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
  • Getting Away with Murder-Papa Roach
  • To the End of the World-Pat Metheny
  • Mean Streets-Van Halen
  • Stricken-Disturbed
  • Give Blood-Pete Townshend
  • Money-Pink floyd
  • Demolition Man-Police
  • King Nothing-Metallica
  • Porcelain-Pretenders
  • Bombs Away-Police
  • Lunatic Fringe-Red Rider
  • Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)-Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Child of Vision-Supertramp
  • On Any Other Day-Police
  • Stranglehold-Ted Nugent
  • My City Was Gone-Pretenders
  • Frankenstein-Edgar Winter
  • DOA-Van Halen
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again-The Who

And so much for all of that. In the meantime, may I take this brief opportunity to visually express my sentiments toward our beneficent and benign government:

Classic illustration of why a little knowledge is a dangerous thing May 4, 2007

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CNN reports that Bush is threatening a veto of hate-crimes legislation.

I am not going to go into the wherefores of this legislation. Read the article and figure it for yourself.

My issue comes up from this phrase:

Both sides cited the case of Matthew Shepard of Wyoming, whose brutal 1998 murder was linked to his sexual orientation.

“Matthew’s death generated international outrage by exposing the violent nature of hate crimes,” said Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisconsin, the only openly lesbian member of the House of Representatives.

But Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, argued that Shepard’s killers got harsh sentences without hate-crimes provisions.

These legislators on both sides of the aisle are idiots. This link thoroughly explores how the death of Shepherd was drug related, and had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. But the media has its poster child for hate crimes, and the Congress is following in lockstep.

Depressing, and no indication that the leadership of this country is in any way doing its job properly.

“Conservative” vs. “Republican” March 29, 2007

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Dana over at Principled Discovery has a fine post up on this disctinction. It distills quite nicely for me why I am so vociferously opposed to the Party of the Asses, while simultaneously unattracted to the Party of the Pachyderms.

She checks herself against Russell Kirk’s “Conservative Principles.” Check yourself, and read her post to check hers:

First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order.

Um, yeah. No question.

Second, the conservative adheres to custom, convention, and continuity.

Generally speaking. Though one does need to question convention to make sure it’s working for you.

Third, conservatives believe in what may be called the principle of prescription.

I would say I generally subscribe to this. As Dana says, check the article for a definition. I may sum up in a brutally simple way by stating that all the really good ideas were cooked up a long time ago, and we still follow those ideas not because our parents and forefathers did, but because they worked, and they still do.

Fourth, conservatives are guided by their principle of prudence.

Check. Though I do have a nasty instinct that makes me sometimes leap before I think.

Fifth, conservatives pay attention to the principle of variety.

Not for it’s own sake.

Sixth, conservatives are chastened by their principle of imperfectability.

Oh wow. Serious conservatives, serious Christians cannot avoid this. And I see a breathtaking lack of this humility on the Left.

Seventh, conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.

Boom yeah. Self-evident.

Eighth, conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.

Another “Boom yeah.”

Ninth, the conservative perceives the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions.

Yet again, “Boom yeah.” Less government the better.

Tenth, the thinking conservative understands that permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society.

So long as change does not get adopted for its own sake, but rather to adopt the genuine needs of an evolving society, I would agree. Besides, a good conservative by definition is wary of (but not opposed to) change.

So, thanks Dana, for allowing me to finally comprehend why I am an Independent that is so nauseated by the Democratic Party.

BTW Dana, fine picture of Russell Kirk. My in-laws have one on their wall, where Kirk is talking to my brother-in-law, trademark “goofy tie” fully visible in its debatable splendor. I noticed that in your picutre Kirk buttoned his jacket so that Reagan wouldn’t ask, “Why is your tie stopped 8 inches above your belt?”